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Your access point to enriching connection, meaningful engagement, and inspired collaboration with a global network of heart-connected, passionate Certified Professionals.

Reasons to Be a Part of the Community of Practice

The HeartMath® Community of Practice annual subscription provides access to several key benefits: 25% product purchase discounts, certified professional directory listing, continued education opportunities and access to an online community platform hub where you can interact, collaborate, co-create, and grow with other HeartMath certified professionals.

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What Makes the Community of Practice Different?

All Certified Professionals bring unique value to the whole community, and as a valued member, you will be supported in your own HeartMath professional journey in ways that matter to you.

A rich combination of connection, skills development and much more

  • Business development training and guidance
  • Continuing education and skills development
  • Collaboration in crowd-sourced program creation
  • Meaningful connections with other Certified Professionals
  • Contribution to and benefit from a vibrant, heart-based community
  • Collective shared wisdom and experience to amplify your success
  • 25% products discount & Certified Professional Directory listing