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Calm mind. Open heart.

Get your heart and brain in sync using HRV coherence biofeedback for greater calm, focus, emotional well-being, and resilience!

Align your heart, mind, and emotions to transform stress, improve focus, and achieve optimal performance.

Enjoy HeartMath’s free intro experience to access your heart’s natural intelligence and measure your heart-brain coherence. Then, start your 7-day free trial to explore a comprehensive collection of guided sessions, immersive journeys, and coherence practices designed to help you experience greater calm, focus, clearer thinking and nurture a more balanced you.

***Inner Balance Coherence Plus sensor owners: Use your sensor to unlock a lifetime subscription.***

Built on 30+ years of pioneering research on the heart-brain connection and supported by over 500 research studies, the HeartMath app offers scientifically validated strategies utilized in numerous healthcare systems, including Stanford Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente, to reduce burnout and fatigue. The HeartMath system is also used to optimize performance in professional sports teams, the military, law enforcement, leading universities, non-profit organizations, and major corporations, and is used by thousands of health professionals and their patients for managing and reducing stress and enhancing overall health and well-being.

The HeartMath system is more than stress-reduction; it’s a journey to more heart-centered living backed by scientific research and outcome studies along with real-world applications in multiple areas. This new app now offers HeartMath’s practical, evidence-based solutions right at your fingertips. Make mental and emotional well-being not just an aspiration but an achievable part of your daily life.


• Real-time HRV Coherence Measurement: Use your phone’s camera or upgrade to the Inner Balance Coherence Plus sensor for precision and a free HeartMath app subscription.

• Coherence Tracker: Watch your heart rhythm patterns and real-time coherence score improve as you practice.

• Scientifically Validated Techniques: Adopt HeartMath’s proven methods to boost focus, positive feelings, and reduce stress.

• Guided Learning: Explore hours of guided journeys, meditations, courses, audiobooks and videos led by HeartMath master trainers.

• Progress Monitoring: Track your progress over time. Watch results carry over into your daily activities to have more ease, flow and resilience.


Heart-brain coherence is a healthy and high-performance state that balances your mind and emotions, helps prevent stress, and improves your overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Coherence helps regulate the stress response, reducing the effects of chronic stress and anxiety on the body and mind.


Coherent states are associated with improved mental clarity, focus, decision-making, creativity, intuition, and innovation.


Coherence training builds resilience to offset stressors, helping us adapt and recover more quickly from challenging situations.


Coherent states have been linked to a more efficient cardiovascular system, reduced inflammation, and enhanced hormonal balance and immune function, all of which contribute to overall health and well-being.


Practicing coherence can lead to an increased sense of inner peace, more effective emotional self-management, and lower reactivity.