12 HeartMath® Tools

for Reducing Stress and Staying Balanced

As a gesture of our care, we are gifting you our new e-Book, 12 HeartMath® Tools for Reducing Stress and Staying Balanced – downloadable in PDF, ePub and Mobi* formats.

We understand that we all are being challenged with highly stressful adjustments to situations that are disrupting the flow of our lives and feelings of safety. This e-Book is filled with 12 effective HeartMath tools and practices that are designed to help you learn to increase self-security through balance, clear thinking, and heart-guided choices.

This guide can help us engage and activate our deeper heart qualities and encourage lift during these challenging times.

12 HeartMath Tools

Table of Contents:

1. Anchoring    2. Attitude    3. Coherent Communication    4. Compassionate Latitude    5. Dignity    6. Ease    7. Forgiveness    8. Humility    9. Love    10. Objectivity    11. Patience    12. Stillness

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12 HeartMath Tools for
Reducing Stress and Staying Balanced

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