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“How to Use HeartMath In Your Practice for Healing and High Performance” with Tim Wiles, Professional Counselor

In this webinar Tim will present how he introduces and uses the HeartMath techniques, technologies and HRV analysis with his clients who include individuals, soldiers and their families, executives and elite athletes and teams. For over twenty years Tim has fostered healing through clinical applications for overcoming trauma, stress, anxiety, addictions, pain and lifestyle diseases. […]


30 Day Heart Tune Up with Steven Masley, MD and Deborah Rozman, PhD.

Join Deborah Rozman, PhD. and Steven Masley, MD for a lively conversation and learn how to: • Tune up your heart, energy, waistline, memory and even your romantic life. • Find out which healthy techniques are practical, useful and can make a difference. • Learn how to prevent 90% of cardiovascular events. • And much […]


“It’s Both: Shifting Culture to Recovery from Beat to Beat” with Dr. Ron Gharbo

In this webinar, Dr. Gharbo discusses a project he is doing for inpatient pain management for post op care to reduce opioid usage and improve highly stressed floor nursing culture. He gives practical applications and demonstrates how easy it is to integrate this model in the health system process. Raouf (Ron) Gharbo, D.O. is a […]

Dr Bessel van der Kolk

Engaging the Natural Healing Systems of the Brain for Self-Regulation: Trauma, Heart Rate Variability and Beyond with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

In this webinar, Dr. van der Kolk will explain how trauma affects the brain and the body, its underlying neurobiology and a variety of treatment approaches that allow children and adults to move beyond trauma and reclaim their lives and relationships.

Introducing HeartMath Tools to Clients with Trauma, Chronic Pain, Grief and Loss with Sara Gilman

Join Sara Gilman, MFT for Introducing HeartMath Tools to Clients with Trauma, Chronic Pain, Grief and Loss, Sara shares simple steps that can get you started and keep you integrating HeartMath tools into your clinical work with a variety of client populations.

Creating Healthy Relationships with Dr. John Gottman and Deborah Rozman

Join John Gottman and Deborah Rozman for an intriguing discussion on creating healthy relationships. In this educational webinar learn about practical approaches that help couples with their relationship goals. You will be introduced to skills and knowledge to help couples to self-soothe by learning to detect when they are stressed and to calm themselves, value […]

The Performance Paradigm for Chronic Pain Management: A New Way Through

Join Raouf (Ron) Gharbo, D.O. a spine specialist with Hampton Roads Neurosurgery and Spine Specialists and long standing faculty member for Eastern Virginia Medical School Department of PM&R. In this webinar Dr. Gharbo will discuss the definition, history and current state of pain management. He will propose a pain management paradigm to give hope and […]

Interventions with Tough Client Populations with Steve Sawyer, LCSW CSAC

In this webinar, Steve shares how he is using HeartMath Interventions with tough client populations that include treatment resistant teens, severe addiction and traumatic stress. Treatment protocols, what to be aware of as a professional, case studies and implementation in practice are all covered in great depth during this session. Steve’s experience comes from over […]

The Interface of Functional Medicine and HeartMath Tools and Techniques with Dr. Tim Culbert

Dr. Tim Culbert is the Medical Director for the Pediatric Integrative Medicine Clinic at Ridgeview Medical Center. Tim will discuss the philosophies, tools, techniques and shared vision of two organizations that have been on the cutting edge of the optimal health revolution—HeartMath and the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). He will present a case study […]

Emotional Wellness for the Working Family: Preventing Stress from Cracking our Health Foundation – with Dr. Will Lane MD

Dr. Lane is a board certified Family Physician and medical director for Marathon Health’s onsite corporate health center in San Antonio, TX. The clinic is on the corporate campus of HEB, a large supermarket chain in Texas and Mexico employing more than 80,000 people. Please join Dr. Lane for a webinar on how to facilitate […]

A Return to Health Part I – Applications of Heart Rate Variability in an Integrative Holistic Medical Practice

with Dr. Wendy Warner, MD, and Brad Hubbell. Dr. Warner is a board certified ObGyn and founder of Medicine in Balance, her private practice where she practices holistic and integrative medicine. Dr. Warner is the past president of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine and is currently on the ABIHM Board of Directors. […]

You are the Medicine: The Healing Power of Therapeutic Relationship – with Dr. Brad Lichtenstein, ND Dr. Lichtenstein

Dr. Lichtenstein is a graduate of Bastyr University, where he is currently the Chair of the Homeopathy Department and a Clinical Supervisor.In this webinar, Dr. Lichtenstein will discuss the neuroscience of the patient-practitioner relationship, the outmoded notion of placebo response, and ways to remember at the most basic level, what heals is love and compassion.

Management of Depression in Primary Care: An Integrative Approach – with Dr. Spencer Blackman, MD

Dr. Blackman is a family physician in a private practice with One Medical Group, in San Francisco. In this webinar Dr. Blackman reviews the approach to the evaluation and management of depression in the primary care setting. Emphasis will be placed on the use of non-pharmacologic treatments, including a strong physician-patient relationship, nutritional and plant-based […]

Spirituality in Medicine with Dr. Molly Roberts, MD

Dr. Roberts shares her guidance on how to broach the subject of the psycho-spiritual components to your patients’ health and well-being and how to discuss the subject in a way that respects and utilizes the patient’s belief systems for more lasting healing as well as how to avoid the pitfalls. Dr. Roberts and her husband […]

HeartMath Tools and Techniques for Pediatric Practice

Join Dr. Tim Culbert, MD, Medical Director for the Integrative Medicine Program at Ridgeview Medical Center on patient diagnosis and step by step protocols in running patient sessions using HeartMath’s emWave products and emotional management techniques. Dr. Culbert is also the former Medical Director for the Integrative Medicine and Cultural Care Program at Children’s Hospitals […]

Heart to Heart with Dr. Stephen Jennison and Becky-Aud-Jennison

Dr Jennison and his team embarked on a multi-year study of 130 cardiology patients that were trained in the HeartMath techniques. Listen to Dr Jennison and Becky address the correlation of stress, anxiety and heart disease and overall health, give an overview of their study and share their observation of results and patients practicing HeartMath […]

Holistic and Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Treatment Of Pain – Blatman

Hal Blatman – Holistic and Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Treatment Of Pain


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