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The Heart of Healing: Take control of the stress in your life - With Dr. Fabrizio Mancini and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.

Join Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, internationally acclaimed educator, author of "The Power of Self-Healing", "Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul" and President Emeritus of Parker University and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D. for a webinar that might contain within it exactly what you need to listen to your heart and make your dreams come true. It might contain tools that make healing happen easier, faster, for you or your clients. It might help lift the burdens of stress, anxiety and worry. It could be the exact thing you're looking for. It is what will allow you to control the stress in your life and help others do the same.

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Connect Heart, Health and Performance - With Dave Asprey and Catherine Calarco

In this webinar we discuss how using HeartMath techniques, along with Dave's experiences, can bring insight and a better understanding of yourself, your heart-health connection, and your ability to perform at your best. We look forward to having you join us for this informative and interactive session.

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Overcome Overwhelm - Tap Into Your Own Internal Pharmacy - with Sheva Carr, Deborah Rozman and Sara Gottfried

Tap Into Your Internal Pharmacy. Turn Overwhelm Into Overjoy! When you are overcoming overwhelm, investing time in self-care is not one more thing to add to your things to do list- it is the thing that will turn overwhelm into overjoy. To transform overwhelm into overjoy is simple and fun but it does require a daily focus until a new baseline of wellbeing comes to be recognized by your body and mind as the new norm.

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Creating an Age of Abundance - An antidote to pessimism by tech entrepreneur-turned philanthropist, Peter H. Diamandis

Join us for an intriguing webinar with HeartMath's Catherine Calarco and Peter H. Diamandis, co-author of "Abundance" (Simon & Schuster, Feb'12), in which Peter lays out how we will soon be able to meet and exceed the basic needs of every man, woman and child on the planet. Abundance for all is within our grasp. This bold, contrarian view, backed up by exhaustive research, introduces our near-term future, where exponentially growing technologies and three other powerful forces are conspiring to better the lives of billions. Providing abundance is humanity's grandest challenge -- this talk will discuss how we rise to meet it.

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Creating a Heart Based World Webinar - with Gregg Braden and Howard Martin

An unprecedented amount of change is occurring in our world. People are sensing it, seeing it and experiencing it in their personal lives. We observe many problems and increasing chaos and at the same time see new, wonderful changes emerging. Many are wondering where we are headed.

Join Howard Martin, co-author, The HeartMath Solution, Executive Vice President HeartMath LLC and Gregg Braden, bestselling author (Deep Truths, The Divine Matrix and many more) and acclaimed international speaker to hear their views about what these changes mean and what we can do to help create a more harmonious and prosperous world.

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Understanding Heart Intuition Free Webinar

Understanding Heart Intuition - With Deborah Rozman, Ph.D and Howard Martin

Research is uncovering the important role of the heart's intuition in balancing and managing our mental and emotional energy. The practice of listening to our intuitive heart opens our awareness for better life decisions and day to day choices. More and more people are experiencing an intuitive nudge to "get on the move" to become the best that they can be. Sometimes our intuition whispers directions, other times it firmly suggests that it is time to move from stuck places and patterns. As we practice listening to our heart’s intuition, our discernment increases - we make better choices with higher outcomes.

Join us as we discuss the fascinating potential of heart intuition, what it is and how to access it. Learn how your heart's intuition is your personal GPS guidance system for becoming who you truly are.


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Add Meditation To Your Life - With Jeddah Mali and Howard Martin

Join us for an hour long webinar with Jeddah Mali, an internationally recognized meditation teacher. She has been using meditation as part of her teaching practice for many years all over the globe.

Meditation is a wonderful vehicle to examine the structure, function and nature of our being. In addition, it provides us with an unrivalled opportunity to change our perceptions ... of our self and others, leaving us freer in the process. Jeddah will look at the role meditation plays in fostering skills for everyday life. Rather than a retreat from the world, Jeddah will share how meditation is actually a practice session to allow us to build greater steadiness, willingness, trust and enjoyment into our lives. She will also examine the role of consciousness and how this is the key to unlocking all the benefits that meditation offers. The webinar will also look at the vital part that the emWave can play in your meditation practice and how it can be used to enhance your experience.

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The parallels between math and life; A Conversation with Chip Conley, Author and Creator of Emotional Equations and Catherine Calarco.

Join us for a lively discussion about emotional equations. Learn how emotions work together and how you can work with them to create understanding, balance and happiness.

Using simple formulas, Emotional Equations are an exciting, new, and immediately accessible visual lexicon for mastering your life challenges. Award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author Chip Conley created this new paradigm in order to break down life's toughest obstacles into manageable facets that you can see clearly – and influence.

In this webinar we will discuss how using HeartMath techniques with Chip's Emotional Equations can bring insight and perspective as well as a better understanding of yourself, your purpose, and your relationships with others.

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Bad Habits can be Changed. Get new habits to Stick.

Shed Bad Habits with more ease. Join us as HeartMath's Catherine Calarco and Rollin McCraty discuss how HeartMath helps create and sustain a positive behavior change in context with everything from weight loss, to wellness to being a better global citizen. During this webinar, Rollin will also explain the science behind behavior change and how HeartMath techniques and the emWave products can help you replace old habits with new healthier ones.

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Better Communication - Speak and Listen from the Heart Webinar

One of the most important contributors to good relationships is authenticity in communication. Authentic communication nurtures understanding and loyalty in relationships. Positive experiences of communication, no matter how subtle, build confidence and understanding between people. It's this sincerity and heart connection that creates and sustains good relationships, despite challenges, separation, or time.

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emWave2: What's New

Join us for a free webinar as we show you: what's new, how it works & why it works.

Marije Miller, a HeartMath trainer who hosts our weekly orientation calls will be presenting this webinar. She has helped thousands of people with their emWave products, Marije will not only review the mechanics of using emWave2 but also when to use it, why you should use it and what happens to your physiology when you use it.

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Heart to Heart With Dr. Stephen Jennison and Becky-Aud-Jennison

Want to learn more about HeartMath and how some health professionals are using the techniques? Join us as two health professionals discuss using HeartMath and emWave products in their practices. Listen to Dr. Jennison and Becky address the correlation of stress, anxiety and heart disease and overall health and share some of their observations of results in patients practicing HeartMath throughout the years.

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Overworked - Overwhelmed – with Joan Borysenko, Ph.D and Howard Martin

Too much to do, not enough time, long work hours, not enough sleep? For many millions of people life has become a game of survival. Join New York Times Best Selling author Joan Borysenko, Ph.D a Harvard trained medical scientist, licensed psychologist and director of the SoulCare in HealthCare programs and HeartMath's Howard Martin for a special webinar that will offer insightful and inspiring information on how to reduce feelings of overload and burnout.

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John Gray Webinar

Hormonal Balance – the key to life, love, energy and better relationships - with Dr. John Gray and Howard Martin

In our pursuit of health, happiness and lasting romance, why is a coherent connection so important? What is the effect of our hormonal balance on these loving connections and how can coherence help? Join HeartMath's own Howard Martin and Dr. John Gray, the Venus and Mars Author as they explore coherence and share practical tools to effectively manage stress and improve relationships at all stages and ages.

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Self Care Webinar

The Science of Self Care with Cheryl Richardson

Join Cheryl Richardson and Howard Martin as they discuss the link between health and life experiences, what Cheryl has learned about the scientific argument for self-care from Dr. Bruce Lipton, and the way our medical model needs to shift its focus in order to tackle the health crisis in America.

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Tim Culbert Webinar

Using HeartMath Tools and Technologies with Children in an Integrative Medicine Program with Timothy Culbert, MD

Tim Culbert, MD - Medical Director, Integrative Medicine Program, Children's Hospitals and & Clinic of MN

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Complexion Connection

The Complexion Connection: The Link Between Skin, Beauty and Stress

Did you know that the link between your skin and stress is "written all over your face"? Research studies demonstrate that stressful thoughts and emotions have a dynamic, negative effect on health, vitality and the skin. Stress overload causes hormonal imbalances which have been shown to accelerate aging of the skin and inhibit its ability to regenerate.

Join us for a free Webinar as Drs. Deborah Rozman and Arlene Noodleman discuss the "Complexion Connection" between skin and stress and share ways to reveal your inner and outer beauty. Learn about the visible and invisible "ingredients" that contribute directly to quality skin and well-being and how you can bring more beauty and resilience to your skin – and your life.

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Trader's Webinar

Peak Performance Trading

Hosted by Dr. Michael Shell of the Denver Trading Group, and presented by Bruce Cryer, CEO of HeartMath LLC, this webinar will present practical techniques to immediately improve mental clarity and reduce stress while trading. The emWave heart rhythm monitor will be demonstrated in real time.

You will learn:

The physiology of optimal performance
Practical techniques for increased mental clarity on demand
Daily practices for creating the "zone state" while trading and at home
Applications of the emWave heart rhythm monitors for maximizing trading success.

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Sleep Webinar

Solutions for Sleeplessness Caused by Today's Stress

If today's economic crisis is causing you to lose sleep, you are not alone. Stress is a leading cause of abnormal sleep patterns. Research shows it is a common trigger for both short-term and chronic insomnia. If you struggle falling asleep at bedtime or wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep, and this persists for a few days, a few weeks or longer, you suffer from sleeplessness, a serious disorder that robs your body of the rest it requires to re-energize you physically, mentally and emotionally.

There's good news; you can have a better night's sleep.

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Jon Gordon Webinar

Fitness & Wellness, Healthy you; establishing a new baseline for resilience and health with guest speaker, Jon Gordon

Label reading at the grocery store and daily exercise have become the standard for a health conscious society seeking a higher quality lifestyle. However, lack of mental and emotional self-management is a root cause of most stress-related health problems. Physical health can be improved through a balanced approach to exercise and diet but without managing how we respond mentally and emotionally to day-to-day events, stress accumulates and can substantially damage a person's system.

Join us as Jon Gordon the author of several books including the recently released The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to deal with Negativity at Work and the international best seller The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy and Howard Martin, co-author of The HeartMath Solution discuss removing stress and living life with more vision, positive energy and purpose.

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Holiday Webinar

Bring Joy back into the holidays- how to eliminate stress and increase appreciation during the hectic holiday season

The holidays can be fun, but they can also be a source of great stress. This is the season when you're expected to cram office parties, shopping, and family gatherings into your already busy life. Plus, the additional worries about the current state of the economy and job stability. In short, the holidays mean stress. The good news is that with a change of heart, you can turn this holiday season into a time of joy, care and appreciation. Join Catherine Calarco of HeartMath and Sheva Carr of Fyera as they review the challenges of overcare, depression and anxiety that are faced during the holiday season. And, learn how you can create more joy and connection in your life.

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Zone Demystified

The Zone Demystified

"Getting in the zone."  A catchy phrase but what does it mean?  Our research suggests it's a state of heart/brain synchronization that's within all people. The zone is not a place - it's a state of consciousness where your higher motor faculties and intuition merge in liquid coordination.  Entering the zone is an internal developmental process. Many people experience being in the zone while writing, giving talks, playing music, playing sports, etc.  They felt an intuitive connection with what they were doing and everything flowed.  When people understand the zone as a progressive state of connecting with heart intelligence, then zone achievement becomes more hopeful and the process more simple. Join us for an hour exploration of heart/brain synchronization and how to "get into the zone".

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Bruce Cryer
Bruce Cryer

Empowerment, Heart based Business; how to be your best self at work – Bruce Cryer

Wouldn't it be great if you could maintain readiness and top performance without losing your balance and effectiveness at work? New research on physiology and human performance is being used as the foundation for teaching people how to achieve and sustain high performance. Results include increases in creativity, clarity, resilience, contentment, productivity, and energy; and decreases in blood pressure level and symptoms of stress. Join us for an hour exploration of how the HeartMath tools can bring out the best you at work.

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Howard Martin

Empowerment Series: Insights and Actions for Advancing Personal Growth, with Howard Martin:
Removing frustration, judgment and drama from your life while adding sincerity, ease and appreciation

Are you interested in performing better in your career, reducing stress and experiencing a more balanced life? Are you searching for ways to become healthier and more resilient, or deepen your relationship with others? A great way to start is by removing frustration, judgment and drama from your life. Join us for an hour discussion on the benefits of replacing negative emotions with positive emotions like sincerity, ease and appreciation and the tools that can help you accomplish this.

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Marci Shimoff
Marci Shimoff

The Power of Positive Emotions
Did you know emotions affect our physiology? Especially intentionally experienced positive emotions. Studies have revealed there are pronounced beneficial changes in the autonomic nervous, immune and hormonal systems, the brain and heart when we experience emotions such as appreciation, love, and compassion. Join us as Marci Shimoff, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul and Howard Martin, co-author of The HeartMath Solution discuss the power of positive emotions.

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Dr. McCraty

The science and research behind the HeartMath system
with Dr. Rollin McCraty, PhD

Dr. Rollin McCraty, Director of Research, Institute of HeartMath, will present the science and research behind the HeartMath system and the emWave. IHM is a recognized, global leader in emotional physiology, stress management and the physiology of heart-brain research. The HeartMath Research Center is engaged in basic psychophysiology, neurocardiology and biophysics research, and in clinical, workplace and organizational intervention and treatment outcome studies in collaboration with numerous university and health care system partners. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to attend Dr. McCraty's presentation.

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Depression Webinar

Overcoming Feelings of Sadness and Depression
You're bombarded all day by deadlines, demands, and news, much of it
bad. After awhile, this constant sense of being overwhelmed, fatigued,
and stretched to the limit can leave you feeling hopeless and un-
interested in things that you used to enjoy.

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Meditation Webinar

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Meditation and Intention webinar.
Have you ever spent 30 mins. doing mediation or affirmation and intention exercises but left feeling that you stayed more caught up in mind chatter and distraction than you'd like? You're not alone. With everything moving so fast these days and plenty to think about, it can be harder than ever to stay focused and clear when doing inner work.

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Anxiety Webinar

ANXIETY. Experts say we're looking at a growing epidemic due to a
global atmosphere of anxiety – too much to do and not enough time to
do it. Add economic uncertainty, natural disasters, and terrorist threats,
and it's understandable why people feel more anxious. Our emotional
systems can't keep up.
You can get relief from anxiety, worry and fear.

Transforming Anxiety Webinar Watch

Anxiety has become rampant in today's fast-paced society. Most people have some anxiety about themselves, their family, and their future. Anxiety about the world's problems--climate changes, terrorism, and the economy--is also on the rise. What you can do to overcome anxiety and create more serenity, especially during uncertain times, is the important subject matter of this webinar.

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Stress Webinar

STRESS. It's the quintessential buzz word of modern life. Countless articles
and studies tell the same story: lives controlled by unmanaged stress end
early and none too well.

You can get relief from stress.

Transforming Stress Webinar Watch
Renowned psychologist and author of Transforming Stress, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.
will discuss HeartMath solutions for relieving stress. This webinar describes a simple,
straightforward, drug-free method to transform stress. Changes brought about
through this method are fast-acting and long-lasting.

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