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Are you looking to gain more balance, fulfillment, health and performance?

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Are you wanting to increase resilience in your organization and transform your workforce?

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Are you interested in gaining new skills and tools to improve results with patients or clients?

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Our Purpose

HeartMath connects us with the heart of ‘who we truly are,’ helping us to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives while building a brighter future.

Which Product is Right For You?

Inner Balance & emWave®

• Reduce fatigue and anxiety
• Maintain poise and composure
• Think more clearly
• Make intuitive decisions


Simple-to-use mobile technology helps you achieve personal coherence

Inner Balance

Innovative self-monitoring & training system for iPhone, iPad and iTouch

emWave Pro

Multi-user desktop stress relief system, ideal for health professionals & familes


Improvements in mental & emotional well-being in over 5,500 people in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath training and technology

50% drop in fatigue
46% drop in anxiety
60% drop in depression
24% improvement in the ability to focus
25% improvement in listening ability
30% improvement in sleep

HeartMath scientifically monitors your emotional and physical health - and helps you improve it.

What People Are Saying

Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series
Now instead of having to have a unique machine that I carry around, I have it right on my iPhone and in my iPad so it's available to me all the time!
Daniel Amen, M.D. Author of Change your Brain, Change Your Life
The beautiful thing about the HeartMath program is it gives you immediate ongoing feedback to know how you're doing. The HeartMath program actually measures where you are and can guide you to a better place scientifically — and that's the cool part.
Kimberly Gray, RN
I could not have asked for more. The information was delivered with precision, clarity and above all a lot of heart! The teach back methodology in a safe, nurturing environment is brilliant!
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