• Leadership


    HeartMath® Leadership Programs help organizations create exceptional performance with practical tools, techniques and technologies that boost performance, quality of care and health while reducing stress. Programs are based on two decades of research in the areas of stress reduction, health improvement and performance enhancement.
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    The Revitalizing Care™ program enables all care-givers to revitalize their own power to care–for themselves, for each other and for the patients they serve—through practical tools and technologies that can be applied both personally and clinically.
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  • Practitioners and Patients


    Certification and training programs that enable health practitioners to provide patients with specific treatment protocols in working with Heart Rate Variability and facilitating health outcomes. Health practitioners also use the tools and technologies to enhance their own balance and well-being.
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  • Practitioners and Patients

    Employee Wellness

    As healthcare costs continue to rise for employers, the development of comprehensive employee wellness programs has become paramount. Workplace stress has been well documented over the years. HeartMath’s Transforming Stress program teach employees how to quickly and effectively disengage from the stressful situation allowing them to perform better, think more clearly, make better decisions and improve their morale..
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  • Healthcare Programs

    Healthcare Programs

    HeartMath offers a full spectrum of training and coaching options to best fit your organization’s mission and objectives. Programs are designed to blend well with other health care initiatives from leadership to staff to patients. For ongoing sustainability, the Train the Trainer licensing program is also available.

v1Free Streaming Webinar Creating Healing Environments for Patients and Staff - with Nancy Noelke, MS, BS and Jackie Kakuska, MS, APNP, RN- Gundersen Health System. Watch Now v1Free Streaming Webinar
Building a Resilient Organization to Improve Health Care Claims Costs, Productivity and Performance- With Mina Ubbing, President/ CEO Fairfield Medical Center - Watch Now

Baptist Health employees share how they are using HeartMath and the positive results they are experiencing personally and in their workplace.

ImagCreating Coherent Sustainable Workplaces - Free Download

Creating Coherent Sustainable Workplaces Diverse organizations demonstrate that innovative stress reduction strategies lead to significant employee health savings. Download Now!

The HeartMath solution for health care organizations

If stress is impacting the performance and retention of your staff, HeartMath can help. Since 1991, programs have demonstrated significant improvements in performance, health care claim costs, employee/staff satisfaction and staff retention. At the core of the HeartMath system is a set of scientifically- validated tools and techniques that can help all people within an organization gain renewed energy, greater mental health and emotional clarity and reduced stress.


Key Results

  • Increased staff retention
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced team performance at both staff and leadership levels
  • Realized health care claims cost savings
  • Decreased absenteeism rate


Featured Partners


Our Programs (customized to meet the needs of our clients)

Key adopters of HeartMath

  • Gundersen Health System
  • IU Health Bloomington Hospital
  • Fairfield Medical Center
  • Grinnell Regional Medical Center


What others are saying

  • "Susan Launder : Thank you for allowing me to present at the HeartMath Best Practices conference. I truly enjoyed sharing my experiences and hope that it could benefit others. It was an amazing conference and you should all feel proud of the work you did to make this possible. I came home feeling truly rejuvenated and shot my best game of golf ever the Saturday after our return. It's amazing what coherence can do for us!

    Thank you for arranging such a conference, it was informative and rejuvenating. "

    Roy Fox, MD
    NS Environmental Health Center


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