Personal Well-Being Survey

Required Questions


The Personal Well-Being Survey has 25 questions and only requires about 4-5 minutes to complete.

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1. I try to manage my stress in the moment it happens.

2. I try to breathe deeply or relax.

3. I try to activate a positive emotion.

4. I try to do physical exercise or some other activity.

5. I try to be less judgmental when feeling angry at myself.

6. I try to change to hopeful feelings when feeling depressed.

7. I try to become more peaceful when I’m feeling anxious.

8. I try to share my feelings with someone I feel close to.

9. I try to be as flexible and adaptable as possible.

10. I try to be optimistic and hopeful about the outcome.

11. I try to welcome these as opportunities for personal growth and change.

12. I generally feel happy with who I am as a person.

13. I believe that I matter as an individual and that I make a difference in the lives of others.

14. I feel that there is someone in my life who cares about me and loves me no matter what.

15. I feel grateful for the gift of my life and I appreciate all it is has brought me, both good and bad.

16. I feel that I am able to influence my life for the better.

17. Spiritual belief and practice is an important part of how I live my life.

18. I feel calm and peaceful inside.

19. I feel appreciation for the care I receive from those around me.

20. I wake up feeling hopeful and look forward to the promise of each new day.

21. I approach situations with a cheerful feeling.

22. I feel a warm, loving connection to nearly everyone and everything in my life.

23. I feel enlivened and enthusiastic about what I am doing in my life.

24. I feel a strong sense of joy and delight about how wonderful life is.

25. I feel a heartfelt passion for almost everything I do.

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