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Heart Rate Variability Overview
Nov 02, 2020
Here you can download a .pdf document of the Heart Rate Variability Overview. This is a comprehensive explanation of Heart Rate Variability and it's affect on the human nervous system.

Continuing Education Units (CEU's) Inquiry
Mar 06, 2020
Information regarding CEU's and HeartMath Online Training Programs.

Guidelines for Using the emWave program in the Classroom
Jun 21, 2018
Some basic assistance tips for applying the emWave program to a classroom situation.

Has HeartMath done studies to support the benefits of the emWave system?
Jun 12, 2018
HeartMath studies to support the benefits of emotional control for stress relief.

emWave2 Training Class
May 31, 2018
A free emWave2 (formerly emWave PSR) tele-class is provided by HeartMath LLC.

emWave Pro Plus Training Video
May 08, 2018
Using this link, you can view a training video for the emWave Pro Plus assessment feature.

emWave PRO Training Class
May 07, 2018
A free emWave PRO tele-class is provided by HeartMath LLC.

HeartMath Technology Training Videos
Apr 06, 2018
There are training videos available for all of the HeartMath Technology products.

What are some of the benefits I could expect from using the emWave system and how much time does it take to see results?
Apr 09, 2014
Most people get into medium or high coherence within a few short sessions and feel a reduction in stress.

Certficate of Validity
Mar 21, 2014
This document is not required to measure HRV.

I don't feel particularly happy or relaxed and yet I have good coherence; why?
Mar 20, 2014
Understanding the difference between relaxation and Coherence.