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emWave PC Owner's Manual
Nov 02, 2020
This solution provides a link to download the emWave PC Owner's Manual.

Final Update file for emWave PC version 1.0
Jun 11, 2018
Last update for the discontinued emWave PC program.

Copying and Installing the emWave program to a USB Thumb Drive
Jun 07, 2018
How to copy the emWave program for use on a different computer.

Heart Rate Variability in relation to Coherence Scores
May 25, 2018
The coherence scores are based on how symmetrical the wave-like HRV pattern is.

How do I adjust Session Length?
May 25, 2018
Adjusting the Session duration.

I'm using a USB Hub and my Sensor is not working correctly.
May 25, 2018
Using a USB Hub with the emWave products.

I am having difficulty registering Dual Drive or Tropical Heat
May 24, 2018
Tips on how to register your copy of Dual Drive or Tropical Heat.

Game Error code
May 24, 2018
Make sure that you exit games when you are finished playing them.

My Firewall sends an Alert- emwave.exe is Attempting to Access a DNS Server
May 24, 2018
Allow this connection attempt from your firewall.

My Anti-Virus/Firewall says that your software has a virus/trojan in it.
May 24, 2018
Please be assured that this is a "false positive"; our software does not contain malware of any kind.

My graph has flatlined or reads a heart rate of 150; what does that mean?
May 11, 2018
If you have a heart rate of 150 or the graph has flatlined, which is a poor signal error, it is possibly due to the existence of other peripheral devices that might be in other USB ports on your computer.

The Heart Rhythm display has Red Lines on it.
May 07, 2018
The red lines that you may be seeing are called "artifacts". They simply mean that you have lost optimum contact with the sensor and no data was collected during that time.

Sensor Tips
May 03, 2018
Troubleshooting and Tips for Using the Sensor and Getting an Accurate Pulse Reading with emWave Software

How does the Ear Sensor work?
Apr 09, 2018
The HeartMath Sensors are a Plethysmograph not a Pulse Oximeter.

Ear Sensor Sensitivity
Apr 06, 2018
The emWave Ear Sensor is quite sensitive and can respond to ambient light.

I'm always getting the same results
Apr 25, 2014
The program may be set to "Demo" (Simulator) mode.

Why are the Graphics blank in the emWave PC program?
Apr 10, 2014
Sometimes the saved screen settings get corrupted in the emWave PC program.

Can I use the same hardware as I used with emWave PC or Freeze-Framer?
Mar 21, 2014
It's important to upgrade your Sensor hardware.

Import emWave PC Data into emWave Desktop PC
Mar 20, 2014
Using this method, you can convert the FF.2 database (Freeze Framer and emWave Desktop) to .emdb used in the emWave PRO.

Can I Run Visualizer Professional with emWave Desktop PC?
Mar 14, 2014
The Visualizer Professional program was an add-on to the emWave Desktop PC program. That program has been discontinued and is no longer being sold.