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Achievement Scores

Nov 02, 2020

Achievement scores:

This is the sum of all of your individual Coherence Scores during the length of a session.
It can be improved by achieving higher Coherence Scores and the length of time spent in Coherence during the session.

The scoring algorithm continuously monitors the most current 64 seconds of heart rhythm data and updates the score every 5 seconds to the current 64 second set. The more stable and regular the heart rhythm frequency, the higher the coherence score. Resulting in a sum displayed as - Achievement, on the app.

You may want to set a daily Achievement Goal for yourself, an Achievement Score of 300 points per day is a good place to start. This could be accumulated in a single session or split across two or more sessions depending on your schedule or challenge level preferences.

Additional Information:
For a more comprehensive explanation of Coherence Scores and the science behind it:
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Please Note: The document was written for the Inner Balance app but the same science is displayed in emWave Pro and emWave 2.