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Transfer session data (Import/Export) between users/clients when saved under the wrong user/client.

May 07, 2018

Following are step by step instructions for how to transfer sessions within the emWave programs. This may be necessary if a session is accidentally ran and saved under another user.
  •     Select the User name that contains the session that you would like to move
  •     Click the Review Progress icon (multi-colored bar icon) on the main graph screen of the emWave program
  •     The next screen is your session history, use your cursor to highlight the Session/s to be moved
  •     Click on File and select Export Sessions
  •     A new window displays the amount of Sessions that you would like to move, verify it for accuracy - click OK
  •     The next window allows you to select the proper User account destination
  •     Put a check next to the User Name that applies and click - Export
  •     That Session has now been moved to the selected User Name
  •     Restart the emWave program to see all newly imported sessions

 Please contact HeartMath Technical Support if you have any further questions.