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Blocked Plug-In

May 11, 2018

The Blocked Plug-In error message is due to having an older version of Adobe Flash Player.
It means that you need to update your current version of Flash Player before the Games/Visualizers can be used in the emWave2 and emWave Pro/Plus software.
Click Here to see what version of Adobe Flash is on your computer and install the current release of Flash Player. Make sure to uncheck any other offers from Adobe if you aren't interested in them. Removing them can be difficult.

NOTE: Do not use Google Chrome to check for your current version of Adobe Flash. This web browser has Flash built in and will always state that you have the current version and it's only referring to Chrome and not your computer. Please use a different web browser to check.

You should also verify you have the current release of your emWave2 or emWave Pro software.

Go to and get the latest version of the emWave programs.
Use the installer file to install the latest version on your computer.
It may be installed over your current installation, directly from your Downloads folder.