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Can I use my earbuds with the Inner Balance app?

Apr 09, 2018

Yes, you can!
Please Note: You can only use one bluetooth device at a time, so this solution will not work with the HeartMath BTLE Sensor.
  • Plug in the HeartMath sensor.
  • Open the Inner Balance app.
  • Tap the Settings icon, top of the screen-upper left.
  • Tap the Select Button next to Soundtrack.
  • Select a song that fits your mood from anything already on your device.
  • Tap Done, connect your earbuds and start a Session.

Your custom music Soundtrack will begin immediately.
You will also hear the Coherence tones thru the earbuds.
Please Note: Your device can only access one Bluetooth device at one time, so you cannot use this method with Bluetooth earbuds and the HeartMath Bluetooth sensor.