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Managing and using the Challenge Levels in the emWave Program

Nov 02, 2020

We recommend that you leave the Challenge Level on the default setting Challenge Level – Low, for your first few sessions. When you can consistently keep the Coherence Ratio in the green, then you may want to increase the Challenge Level.

Please note that there is a 15% higher degree of challenge between Challenge Levels: Low and Medium. There is an additional 15% between Challenge Levels: Medium and High. However, between Challenge Levels: High and Highest, there is an increase of 30% higher to the degree of challenge.

To change the Challenge Level, select the User that you wish to use.
Click the Challenge Level icon on the main graph screen and select the Challenge Level you want.

Challenge Level Settings

To set a default Challenge Level, select Set Default to see this screen and set your default Challenge Level. Click OK to save the change.

Challenge Level default