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emWave Program Download Link

May 14, 2018

Download the latest emWave program installer from the link below.

 Click Here: emWave Download

Follow the prompts to download the MAC or PC version of the emWave program that you have purchased.
Please Note: emWave Pro will require your purchased registration number. emWave2 does not use a registration number.

Once downloaded, double-click on the installer and follow the prompts to load your software. If you already have an earlier version of emWave2, emWave Desktop or emWave Pro installed, keep it closed during the update process. The installer needs to replace some of the existing files and can't do that while the software is running. Your existing session data file is kept outside of the program so that you can reinstall with the confidence that your session history is safe. Using a free, HeartCloud account, can be most useful as a permanent backup of your session history.