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How to copy/backup your Inner Balance database on your iOS device

Dec 14, 2016

Sync your iDevice to iTunes on your computer.
Click on your specific device icon, the Apps tab will appear in the top, middle of the screen.

Click on the Apps tab where you will see Inner Balance. 

Below the main Apps list, you will see the File Sharing section.
Click on the Inner Balance app as illustrated below.

On the right side next to the list of Apps, you will see Inner Balance Documents.

The emWaveMobile.sqlite database file will appear.
Click the emWaveMobile.sqlite file to highlight it.
Click - Save To, to save a copy to your computer.

NOTE: Please save it in a place where it will be easy to find when you want to reinstall it back into the Inner Balance app.
file sharing image for IB backup
It is important not to rename the database.
In order to re-import the database must have it's original name.
When you want to restore a previously saved database, use the same procedure but choose the Add button to add a database onto your iDevice.

It should also be noted that this procedure becomes unnecessary if you create a HeartCloud account and have synced your device to your account.

NOTE: HeartMath does not support any Technical issues with iTunes, please contact Apple Support for assistance.

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