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How to use the HeartMath Breathing Pacers

Apr 06, 2018

Everyone has their own natural breathing pace which is comfortable for them. The Breath Pacer starts out at a default pace (about 8 breaths/minute), but if you find the speed of the Breath Pacer to be too fast or too slow, just breathe at a steady relaxed pace that is comfortable for you.

For emWave Pro

When you are running a session, there are now 2 ways you can adjust the Breath Pacer to a more comfortable, customized setting. By clicking the + or – symbols on the screen, you can raise or lower the speed of the Pacer by increments of .5. However, by clicking either of these two symbols, the User information is brought forward showing you the Breath Cycle Time.

If you click on the time, a small window opens and allows you to “dial-in” the precise level that you choose.

You can either click the up or down buttons or type in the exact time that is the most comfortable for you, eg: 9.3 instead of 9.0. But, if you were to click the plus or minus buttons after that everything goes to increments of .5, eg: 9.8 etc.

For emWave2

If you are using the emWave2 software, you can change the breath pacer by clicking on Edit at the top of the screen and the selecting Edit User's Breath Cycle Time.

When changing the breath pacer, a larger number means fewer breaths per minute or a slower breath rate, a smaller breath cycle means more breaths per minute which is a faster breath rate.

If you are using the emWave2 while not connected to the computer, there aren't any breathing pacer adjustments on the handheld unit. Sometime after 2 minutes of session time, the Breath Pacer will begin to gradually adjust its rate to your breathing rate, provided that you maintain medium or high coherence for 60 seconds or more. Only the pacing rate is adjusted -- you must still synchronize your in and out breathing with the up and down motion of the pacer.

For Inner Balance

Inner Balance has 3 Breathing Pacers for your comfort and convenience. All of the pacers are adjusted from the same place in the Settings view. The higher the number - the more breaths you take in one breath cycle (inhale & exhale). The default setting is 10. That's the count of 5 inhale and the count of 5 exhale.

  • Mandala: The Mandala is the Inner Balance home view. Inhale as it contracts and exhale as it expands.
  • Chaser: Swipe to the left to see the following view with the Chaser feature. Inhale as the shades rise and exhale as they lower.
  • Moving Ball: As you move on to other views in the Inner Balance app and only when you are running an active session, do you see the Moving Ball breath pacer. It will be at the top of the view and moving from side to side at the breath rate that you have it set for.

Note: Both the Mandala and the Chaser, may be turned off in the Session Views settings but the Moving Ball pacer will still function.