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What is the difference between the emWave PRO and the emWave2 software?

May 08, 2018

The main differences are as follows:
  • emWave2 is designed for single user, single device functionality; emWave PRO is designed for multi-user, multiple device and multi-database functionality.

  • The emWave PRO will work with the emWave2 hand held device (in place of the Module interface device) and the ear sensor. emWave2 software will only work with the emWave2 hand held device.

  • emWave PRO has the ability to export and import user sessions from different databases.

  • The HRV, Accumulated Score and Coherence Ratio displays from the emWave PRO are included in the emWave2.

  • The Power Spectrum, Pulse Data and Multiple Databases are not available in the emWave2.