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How do I find my computer's configuration and system information?

Apr 12, 2019

Occasionally, you may be asked by HeartMath Technical Support to provide us with some system and emWave app information to resolve a technical issue. Most of the time, the information Tech Support needs, can be acquired from within the emWave app.
  • Open the emWave app
  • Click on the word - Help in the upper left
systeminfo image

help image for mac
Send the email to [email protected]

For more serious issues, Tech Support may ask for a more comprehensive report.
Please follow the instructions below.

To create and export a text file of your hardware and software go to:
  • Start, Programs, Windows Administrative Tools and then System Information.
  • When the window launches go to the File Menu Option choose Export. This may take a few minutes.
Save a copy to your Desktop and name the file with your last name. Please email the document to us at [email protected]

  • Click on the Apple icon in the upper left on your menu bar.
  • Click on About this Mac.
  • You will see a nice view of your computer information including macOS version and hardware.
  • To create and export a file of your hardware and software click on the More Information button.

When the window launches go to the Menu and choose Save As and save a copy to email to us at [email protected]