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What do the Sound Effect Tones mean?

Dec 19, 2016

Coherence Sound Effects Tones:
For each level of Coherence there is a Tone associated. As you change Coherence levels these tones will sound, signifying a change from one level to the next.
From Low Coherence to High Coherence the tones increase in octaves, not volume.
The tones will sound at each 5 second sampling.
When you reach a High level of Coherence and sustain it for 15 seconds, you will receive a 3 tone series, Reward Tone.
In the Settings area, you may select to have the sound on or off by sliding the Volume on or off.
Use the Volume slide adjustment to adjust the volume level.
If you would like you may also select the Coherence Change Only setting.
This means that you will only get a tone when your Coherence level changes and not when the same Coherence level is sustained.

Please Note: If you are using the Reminder feature, you will also get a tone when you receive a Reminder.

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