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Happy people make happy employees

Happiness at home may equal happiness at work, according to a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.Assistant professor Nathan Bowling at Wright State University and a team of researchers analyzed 223 studies that were completed between 1967 and 2008, all of which looked at the correlation between general contentedness and happiness […]

Study: Women at greater risk for stress-related neck pain

Prolonged workplace stress is known to cause physical symptoms such as fatigue or body aches, and some people may be more prone to them than others. In fact, according to a recent Swedish study, stress-related neck pain is a common occurrence, and it affects female workers more than their male colleagues.

Solution for Overcoming Anger

What Is Anger? Anger can be defined in many ways: from a loss of calmness, displeasure or irritation, to hostility or rage. When anger takes control, it is nearly impossible to focus on anything except that which has made us angry. Feelings of anger might dissipate after a few moments, linger for a day or […]

The Resilient Heart: A family learns to sleep again

I live in the UK with my husband and 2 beautiful young sons Sam and Alex. Alex turned 2 in January and has for many months now been waking 4 or 5 times a night, and more recently ending up in bed with me in a bid that we would all get back to sleep. […]

The Resilient Heart: Help and Hope for Healing Hearts

Cardiologist, Stephen Jennison and his multidisciplinary team, which includes his wife Becky Aud-Jennison, a licensed clinical professional counselor, treat cardiac patients and specialize in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services of congestive heart failure. They teach patients about the connection between stress, anxiety, depression and heart disease and use techniques that help their patients handle […]

The Resilient Heart: Tammy & Reynir – Divorce wasn’t the only answer

For years they were at war with each other. They would avoid communicating with each other at all costs because it was inevitable that it would end in a screaming match. They met with a psychologist to talk about divorce as a solution. Instead the psychologist introduced Tammy and Reynir to HeartMath. Through HeartMath tools […]

The Resilient Heart: John Kirk. 6 heart attacks later!

John is a 57 year old male with reversed congestive heart failure and reversed diabetes type 2. John has had 6 heart attacks, five angioplasties, and a double CABG bypass. John’s cardiologist introduced him to HeartMath® and John learned how to use HeartMath’s Freeze Frame® technique to stop any stressful emotions that would otherwise exacerbate […]


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