HeartMath® Interventions Certification Program FAQ's

Do I need to take the HeartMath® Interventions Program (HMI) in order to teach my clients or patients HeartMath tools and technology?

Many of our products are designed for self-learning and easy to use for instruction. For example, our computer-based and handheld emWave® products have many features that can facilitate the instruction of HeartMath’s basic coherence-building skill, the Quick Coherence® Technique. Many health professionals use HeartMath technology (emWave products) to teach their patients or clients how to effectively reduce stress using the equipment and/or this technique. However, there are numerous clinical applications that are better served through a specific teaching protocol and/or a combination of a variety of HeartMath tools. The in-depth information and training included in HMI is not available in any of our other programs. In addition to learning the ‘ins and outs’ of using our emWave technology in clinical settings, this program includes specific protocols for teaching 5 core HeartMath emotional refocusing and restructuring techniques. The HMI program also includes ongoing support from HeartMath faculty who will be available to answer your clinical and technical questions. Finally, upon completion of the course, you may opt for certification. Those who do, and meet the certification requirements, receive a certificate acknowledging their status as a Certified HeartMath Practitioner.

Do I have to attend any classroom sessions?

No. HeartMath Interventions Certification Program is an online program that includes home study, online Webinars, recorded presentations and on-going online support.

Why do I have to agree to the terms stated in the Letter of Agreement?

By virtue of taking HMI, you have HeartMath’s permission to use the confidential and copyrighted information, processes and materials included in the program. The Agreement is the primary way HeartMath maintains the standards and boundaries of the program. The Agreement states what we agree to do and what you agree to in regard to these materials and in order to make the claim you were trained by HeartMath in the HMI program.

What does ‘individual instruction’ mean?

HMI protocols are designed to be used in clinical modalities and settings. Typically, this means treating individual patients and clients. This program is not designed for instruction of the HeartMath System outside of the clinical or therapeutic setting, like public workshops, lectures, conferences, courses, etc. We have other programs each with their own unique processes and guidelines for these venues. Because we realize that some clinical applications include group therapy, we consider these ‘groups’ an extension of individual instruction and HMI includes specific protocols for this type of context and use. Other uses of the HMI program outside of the clinical setting may be acceptable in some specific cases, but those uses have to be approved by HeartMath’s Director of Training and Licensing.

How is HMI different than HeartMath’s Coach/Mentor Program?

The HeartMath Coach/Mentor Program is open to non-health care professionals. It does not include therapeutic applications of the HeartMath System nor does it require you hold a health professional credential. Coach/Mentors typically work outside of clinical or therapeutic settings, unless they are also a health care professional. HeartMath Coach/Mentors have a license which allows them to promote and ‘sell’ individual HeartMath instruction to the general public. E.g. life coaching, professional development, stress management education, sports performance, etc.  The HMI course is significantly more academic, includes in-depth scientific information and specific assessment protocols. HMI focuses on clinical applications of HeartMath tools and technology and offers a certification option. Click here for more details.

How much is the HMI course?

The HMI fee is $895 and includes the emWave Pro, the HMI manual and the four-Transforming Series books. Scholarships may be available to some community-based agencies and clinics and certain educational institutions that work with underserved populations. Your HeartMath representative will let you know if you qualify.

How do I sign up for the course?

You can purchase the course online. You will receive an email with your enrollment code and a link to the course. You will need to register on the learning platform and include the enrollment code found in your confirmation email sent to you upon purchase.

Can I resell HeartMath products?

Many health professions choose to make products available to their clients or patients. You may set up a resellers account to receive discounts on a variety of products, including the emWave technology. Contact your HeartMath representation for more information.

Do I get automatically get a discount on HeartMath products?

From time to time HeartMath offers special discounted prices to health professionals. As an HMI participant, unless you opt out you will automatically receive these notices. Otherwise, you may prefer to open a reseller’s account.

Do I have to pay any additional fees, like royalties?

No, there are no additional charges, fees or royalties. However, if you take the certification option, which is valid for three years, there is a small processing fee for renewal.

What are the certification renewal requirements?

Certified HeartMath Practitioners will receive notification of renewal 1 month before their 3 year anniversary. To renew you will have to submit an on-line form that asks you to confirm your contact information, preview the latest science presentations that are posted in the HMI community Library and pay the $100 processing fee.

Can I get CEUs?

Because HeartMath is not an academic institution we cannot issue CEUs. However, many have had success applying for CEUs through their regional, state or national licensing board. Documentation RE course content and syllabus, faculty and attendance are posted in the HMI community Library. We will be happy to provide other documentation you may need.

My patients don’t speak English. Can I translate the forms and handouts?

Yes. However, all translations are considered ‘derivative works’ as noted in the Letter of Agreement and as such must be submitted to the HMI program administrator for approval before distribution. This includes any information you wish to ‘publish’ on your Website. You are responsible for translations including all related costs.

What is the requirement for certification?

You can take the post-course test and receive a grade of 75% or higher to receive certification. Alternately, certification candidates can demonstrate competency in the HMI information and processes by submitting an Assessment Report that includes a Clinical Case Study relevant to the candidate’s professional practice.

Case Study Criteria

The Case Study is a descriptive report of your assessment, treatment approach or plan and work with a specific client or patient that includes:

  • A description of presenting problems or challenges including any observations that suggest the use of a HeartMath Interventions approach to treatment
  • A description of the baseline assessment
  • Your patient’s or client’s goals/objectives
  • Your rationale for choosing the specific HeartMath Interventions tools or protocols
  • A homework or plan your patient or client will follow to practice and integrate the coherence-building skills outside of the clinical setting
  • The methodology you used to observe, assess and adapt client’s progress towards established treatment goals
  • A description of how your client or patient responded holistically to the treatment plan
  • A self-evaluation report. This report should be a description or discussion about the practitioner’s process in using the HeartMath tools personally and/or professionally including insights or significant concepts learned from the HMI program.