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Elisheva Herrera
Happy People Happy Planet
Elisheva Herrera is Founder and CEO of Happy People Happy Planet™, bringing transformational wisdom, peace and joy into the planet through workshops, retreats, performances and lectures. Elisheva is a Certified HeartMath Resilience™ Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, Sound Healer and Joy Coach.
Don Chartrand
Ease Interactive
Resilience training programs and apps
John Coles
I have a PhD in Counseling and have counseled, taught psychology and consulted for over 30 years.
Melinda Dewey
Resilience Insights
Ask for a complimentary consultation to clarify the goals, challenges and opportunities that you, your organization, your healthcare practice or patients are facing and explore options for meeting them and changing outcomes.
We offer HeartMath Training and Coaching to organizations, health care practices, their patients and individuals with the HeartMath® Resilience Advantage skills.
* ORGANIZATIONS can improve personal and organizational resilience, effectiveness, productivity, health and well being. Sharpen focus, problem-solving, insight and teamwork to meet challenges and opportunities.
* HEALTHCARE PATIENTS and FAMILIES get tools for resilience and well-being to better meet stress, loss, life changes and health challenges.
* Resilient HEALTHCARE STAFF become more efficient, effective and caring.
* INDIVIDUALS find that focus, insightful decision making, ease and energy management enhances performance, well-being, fulfillment and relationships.
Lynne Jensen
Balanced Life Solutions, LLC
My story begins, when I decided to retire from my career as an elementary teacher, and turn my focus towards myself and my truest feelings and beliefs. In this process I returned to the HeartMath skills that had so deeply impressed me in previous years. I began to guide myself by my internal heart compass. What a tremendous transformation that was for me! After years of giving and giving as teacher, I found a better balance for myself and became calmer and more resilient. My inner heart compass guided me toward choices that worked for me. Thus, my passion for this work blossomed.
Karl Shackelford
Peaks & Creeks Life Development
Through workshops and 1:1 counseling, I help stressed-out people create and store energy to build resilience
Peter Baverso
Ventivia Education
Peter Baverso the Founder of Ventivia Education. He is an Integrative Educator, Experienced - Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200), Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Gentle Somatic Yoga Teacher, Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans Instructor, Certified Foundation Training Instructor, and Certified HeartMath Institute® Mentor & Trainer.
Elizabeth Markie
WeImagine, Inc.
Brain Based, NeuroLeadership Coaching and HeartMath Resilience Training
Shamir Ladhani
Panther Power Corporation
Helping individuals and organizations develop resilience and improve productivity
Western Canada
Jan Carlin
Mindful Works
Mindful Works engages people to recover their whole health, emotional and physical, by building on the foundation of spirituality and wellness. Workshops offering professional and staff development training in a comprehensive and systematic format can be strategically designed to meet corporate or clinical demands. The HeartMath training will improve employee engagement, furnish tools to utilize in clinical treatment and offer a roadmap for emotionally intelligent conversation. Workshops fostering patient self responsibility by providing specific steps for genuine and successful recovery are developed collaboratively with treatment facilities to meet the unique needs of patients and staff.
Karim Fitness
Working with all. Speciality with high-performance athletes and CEO’s.
District of Columbia
Mary LeVasseur
Innovative leader with more than 20+ years in healthcare.
Kimberly Gray
Heart-Centered Pathways
Integrative Resources for Care Resilience (TM)
Jaymie Meyer
Resilience for Life
I'm a certified New Life Story Wellness® Coach with additional certifications in Stress Management, HeartMath®, Therapeutic Yoga and Ayurveda. I inspire people to create sustainable, healthy lifestyles, reduce stress and increase resilience.
Dirk Terpstra
My name is Dirk Terpstra. I am an Intuitive Speaker – Inspirator – Coach and certified HeartMath® Trainer, and my passion is to inspire you to become more deeply connected to who you truly are so that you can become the most beautiful version of yourself.
Western Canada
Nikate Khaitan
Awareness Foundation
"Science Meets Spirituality "
Our attempt is to bring back from the world technology to bridge the gap between Science and Spirituality to India.
Adam Lehman
Institute of BioEnergetic Arts & Sciences
Adam is a Functional Wellness Consultant and Trainer. He uses Energy Kinesiology (muscle testing) to integrate a broad range of healing arts designed to help people live their lives as if every moment is the best moment of their life. HeartMath is an integral part of his practice, both as a consultant and instructor.
Manny M Sandoval Jr
Assist individuals and organizations with stress reduction and decision making for optimal performance
Catherine Burdett
The Alignment Project
We are The Alignment Project supporting individual well-being and organizational vitality. We use tools + techniques to tap into emotional intelligence, to restore energy and to build new baselines for optimal performance. A Heart-Centred , Business Minded approach to a happier, healthier and more resilient workplace.

Debra Sheehan
BodyMatters, Inc
Debra helps others compassionately find balance in their lives! She has worked in the Holistic Health field for over 27 years. Awakening the healing force in the body, the "heart" allows us to free up the energy blocked from past and present stresses that no longer serve us or the world in being all of who we are meant to be.

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