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Stopping Emotional Eating

Take charge and create a healthy emotional relationship with food with the assistance of a trained Stopping Emotional Eating coach. As part of this complete Program, a specially trained Stopping Emotional Eating coach will take you through the program, customize it to meet your goals and provide the additional encouragement and support you need to create new healthy habits about food.

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Kathy Karlander
Peaceful Insights
"The point of life is not the destination, it is the journey itself. By mastering the journey, we get the Point!". I have found HeartMath a wonderful tool to assist people (and me) with improving the quality of our journeys.
Ruth Rounds
Life Dimensions, Inc.
Coaching and Consulting that Changes Lives and Organizations!
Sheva Carr
Fyera! Heart Ambassadors
Live Your Legacy
Call (310) 428-2714 for a 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation
Tricia Guerra, MPAS, PA-C
RTG Coaching
Connecting Head 2 Heart: Where science meets spirituality
Michele Lash
Michele Lash M.Ed., ATR, BCB Fellow
Resilience Trainer, Mentor and Coach in self-regulation, energy-management and optimal performance.
Arnie Allice
Benefit from heart-based coaching. Learn to embody the treasure trove of the rich, varied, and proven techniques to help halt stress in the moment. Release accumulated anxiety caused by stress, regardless of its sources.
Central Canada
Sara Hart
Professional Coaching, Stopping Emotional Eating, Health & Wellness, Life Coach, Organization Development
Lynne Jensen
Balanced Life Solutions, LLC
My story begins, when I decided to retire from my career as an elementary teacher, and turn my focus towards myself and my truest feelings and beliefs. In this process I returned to the HeartMath skills that had so deeply impressed me in previous years. I began to guide myself by my internal heart compass. What a tremendous transformation that was for me! After years of giving and giving as teacher, I found a better balance for myself and became calmer and more resilient. My inner heart compass guided me toward choices that worked for me. Thus, my passion for this work blossomed.
Tracie D Giargiari
Thrive Health & Wellness
Licensed psychologist based in Longmont specializing in stress management, parenting support, and birth preparation.
Sarah Moor
Sarah Moor, llc
HeartMath Master Trainer for HeartMath Certified Trainer Program and Instructor for the HeartMath Certified Coach/Mentor Program.
North Carolina
Marije Miller
Vibrant Women
We women are Vibrant, but we may not always be aware of this. We are designed to be powerful beings, living our lives with grace and ease, making choices that are aligned with who we really are. However, our lives may not quite be ready for us... I offer a holistic coaching approach to help you recreate your life and reclaim this vibrant you, you deep down know you are! Contact me via marije@vibrantwomen.com to schedule an appointment.
Debra Sheehan
BodyMatters, Inc
Debra helps others compassionately find balance in their lives! She has worked in the Holistic Health field for over 27 years. Awakening the healing force in the body, the "heart" allows us to free up the energy blocked from past and present stresses that no longer serve us or the world in being all of who we are meant to be.
Michele Lucas
Michele Lucas, LCSW, BCD
Coaching and Psychotherapy
Kristin Kurtz
Kristin Kurtz
Longevity and Wellness Consultant
New Mexico
Karen Andrews
Communication Collaboratives/Effortless Transformation
I offer an attentive, compassionate listening space to help you attend to your relationship with yourself.Through the emotional regulation tools of Heartmath I can assist you in finding greater joy and open-heartedness, as well as relief from stress, anxiety and depression. As your true Self emerges, you will clear obstacles with greater skill and ease, and discover effortless transformation.
Alice Canup
Alice Canup, MSW, LCSW offering sessions by phone, Skype or in-person
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice for 20+ years. I combine traditional talk therapy with body-awareness approaches to create a highly effective method of resolving issues more rapidly than talk therapy alone. As a coach, I work one-on-one or in small groups. I am also a Certified Trainer for HeartMath presenting the Resilience Advantage program to various audiences.
Lori Bosteder
Heart Brain Connection
"We can approach our inner world with openness and acceptance, rather than judgments and preconceptions." (Siegel) And that can make all the difference.
Kimberly May
Inspire Wellness
I help busy professionals to create more joy, peace and happiness moment by moment.
Bernice Baca-Vigil
If you have found your way to my profile, welcome, you have found a peaceful place.
Katherine Coffee Janus, PhD
Health Educator, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Stress Management Consultant
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