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Don Chartrand
Ease Interactive
Resilience training programs and apps
Lane Michel
Heart-Centered. Mindful. Transformational. VeraHeart develops energized people and companies.
Karl Shackelford
Peaks & Creeks Life Development
Through workshops and 1:1 counseling, I help stressed-out people create and store energy to build resilience
Kimberly Gray
Heart-Centered Pathways
Integrative Resources for Care Resilience (TM)
Manny M Sandoval Jr
Assist individuals and organizations with stress reduction and decision making for optimal performance
Henry Lescault
Untouchable Leadership and Executive Coaching LLC
Henry J. Lescault, ACC, MSEC, CLC works with companies, organizations and people to boost their business and personal success. Henry is an Executive, Leadership and Peak Performance Coach, whose areas of expertise range from leadership and career development, interpersonal relations, communication, teamwork effectiveness, change management, career coaching to conflict resolution and stress management.
Debra Sheehan
BodyMatters, Inc
Debra helps others compassionately find balance in their lives! She has worked in the Holistic Health field for over 27 years. Awakening the healing force in the body, the "heart" allows us to free up the energy blocked from past and present stresses that no longer serve us or the world in being all of who we are meant to be.
John Staples
War On Stress
Stress-mangement and Suicide Prevention and Awareness Training
Shawnette Williams
The Positive Link, LLC
Employee Wellness Solutions
Bonnie Thompson
Inner Balance Coaching
Learn to flourish and live a life of resilience and well-being.
Ann Baldwin
As a consultant, teacher and researcher, Ann Baldwin, PhD explains the science behind HeartMath, Biofeedback and Reiki, gives practical demonstrations so you can see and feel the benefits, and teaches you how to make them work for yourself. She aims to help you Bring out the Beauty in you and all you do.

HeartMath & Biofeedback consultations, Reiki sessions and attunements, Tension Release Exercises and Equine Therapy are available for individuals. Reiki and Biofeedback seminars and group workshops are available for businesses and other organizations.
Mohamad Al-Gazzali
Acquent Consulting Group, LLC
Mohamad provides coaching and mentoring to ignite the power within the heart through workshops delivery, retreats and 1:1 counseling. Mohamad is a Certified HeartMath Resilience™ Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, Quantum Touch Practitioner, SRT Practitioner, Non-Touch Healer and Claresentient. Bringing transformational wisdom, peace, joy and Light into the planet. HeartMath is an integral part of his practice, both as a consultant and instructor.
Kris Sands
Holistic Energy Practice, LLC
HeartMath Certified Trainer, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner
Deborah E. Sewitch, PhD, CPC
Deborah is a HeartMath® Certified Resilience Coach who specializes in helping couples trying to get pregnant (and those going through an IVF program and/or working with a surrogate mother) minimize their emotional stress through HeartMath intelligent energy management techniques and the Inner Balance™ biofeedback app. Deborah also specializes in coaching professional therapists in the HeartMath Resilience Program. A breast cancer survivor herself, she has experienced firsthand the power of the HeartMath Resilience Program in optimizing her own inner energy level and self-regulating emotional stress.
North Carolina
Aaron M. Russell
Certified Ohio Peace Officer with over 25 years of Law Enforcement Experience
Nathalia de la Torre
The Conscious Heart Center
Healing, empowering and uniting individuals, families and communities.
Barbara Hudak, RN, BSN, MS
Heartful Integrations, LLC
RN, Teaching Reiki Master, Certified HeartMath® Master Trainer, HeartMath® Certified Coach Mentor, HeartMath® Certified Interventions Practitioner. I offer virtual (phone or computer) or in-office sessions.

I was introduced to HeartMath in 2008 during a pilot study for leadership staff at Mayo Clinic and was honored to serve as an organizational trainer for over 5 years. During that time, we shared this approach with over 1000 staff members and our research study results were published in a peer-reviewed journal. Email me for a copy of the article which was published in 2011.
To view the abstract, cut & paste the following link into your browser:

I am honored to offer Reiki treatments and attunements and am involved in research to validate the measurable effects of energy work on the body. What an amazing time we live in! My intention is to help you find the peace, joy, and abundant blessings that are waiting for you within your heart.
Catherine Francis
The Self-Kindness Project
My primary motivation is to connect with others with genuine warmth and care and to serve my community with enthusiasm, friendliness, respect and integrity. I am organised and punctual (sometimes a bit of a perfectionist…I am working on it!) and committed to a life of growth and contribution. I smile. I give myself a hard time, I fall down….but I stand back up more quickly and dust myself off with much more kindness. I became a Physiotherapist in 2003 and had my first job as the sole Physio at a special needs school in Rockingham. Eek!. I fell down…a lot! I then worked for the Disability Services Commission, The Cerebral Palsy Alliance and in several roles in the National Health Service in the UK. I developed many skills and met many incredibly inspiring people AND I burnt out! Since then, it has been my life’s vision to understand WHY I burnt out, how to build myself back up, and to not go to that place again.
What we share in The Self-Kindness Project are practical, evidence-based tools and information for developing the skills of self-care, self-kindness and self-compassion.
Willow Francis
The Self-Kindness Project
I love life. I am a solutions focused fellow with a can-do attitude. Ilove teaching and sharing the best of what I have learned for myself. I have a broad range of experience across many fields and I dive in and engage deeply. Over the years, I have travelled extensively and am inspired by connecting with the essence of humanity – I see kind, good people everywhere. I have a relentless inner critic which I am learning to soothe and redirect using the tools and understandings I want to share with you. I am also a little bit cheeky.

My healthcare background is paramedics and nursing (specialising in Emergency Department nursing). I have been a health educator and trainer, meditation teacher, business director. I even taught juggling to the nurses!

What we share in The Self-Kindness Project are practical, evidence-based tools and information for developing the skills of self-care, self-kindness and self-compassion.
Dr. Steven Keihl
Wellness Solutions
WHOLE Person Health

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