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Barbara Hudak, RN, BSN, MS

Barbara Hudak, RN, BSN, MS
Heartful Integrations, LLC
HeartMath® Certifications: Master Trainer, Coach/Mentor, Interventions Practitioner, Add Heart Facilitator.

As a HeartMath "Master Trainer", I am honored to co-facilitate certification training events and mentor trainer candidates prior to training. If you're already part of our HMCT, HCM, HMIP or Add Heart Facilitator community, or if you'd like to learn more about the HeartMath system, Inner Balance™ or emWave® technology, I offer coaching and mentoring to support your heart-centered mission.

Introduced to HeartMath in 2008 during a leadership pilot study at Mayo Clinic, I served as an organizational trainer for 5 years and co-authored a study published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2011. The significant organizational outcomes were featured in HeartMath's Science of the Heart publication (https://www.heartmath.org/research/science-of-the-heart/) pp. 82-83. Contact me for a free PDF of the full Mayo Clinic article.
In Latin, "cor" means "heart". When we refer to our "core" values" we mean the true essence, or heart of who we are. What's your childhood answer to this statement: "In my heart, I know want to be ___ when I grow up..."? How old were you? Can you remember "why" you felt this way?

Silly question? Maybe...but very often our first "heart tugs" shine a light on our inner values, desires and what some refer to as our "blueprint". So how did you do with your childhood goal? If it came to fruition, do you love it as much now as you thought you would? Yes? Wonderful - keep up the great work! For some of us, our dream never became a reality. Maybe we chose a job that "made sense" rather than "what fills my heart". It's never too late to create a joyful and fulfilling life. If your mind and heart are open and willing, I can help you to explore, play and realign with your "cor" desires.

Do I promise an easy journey? Not necessarily...however, sometimes we simply need someone to shine a light onto "what's not working anymore". We can't fix what we don't recognize, but with awareness, we begin to dismantle old belief and programs that no longer serve us. Step into your self-mastery with resilience and courage, triumphant over what's held you back. It's "okay" to miss the target at times...without spiraling into insecurity, blame, shame or guilt. There is no failure, only feedback!

For courageous and motivated clients who seek profound transformation, I offer a tool kit filled with tools to amplify shifts in consciousness (and to release limiting, maladaptive subconscious patterns). With 20+ years of experience as a Reiki Master Teacher, I co-create a sacred container to support and sustain your shift at the "cor"e level. By getting to the "heart of the matter", you transform into the best version of YOU! As an Aroma Freedom Technique™ Certified Practitioner, I integrate clinical aromatherapy and clinically-researched techniques to help bring balance to the heart, mind and emotions.

If you're curious, reserve a complimentary 30 minute session and I'll see you when you're ready to explore your "cor".
** You won't find this offer on my website - here is a private link to schedule your time: https://bitly.im/Barbcoach/
  • Barbara Hudak, RN, BSN, MS
  • Barbara Hudak, RN, BSN, MS
  • Barbara Hudak, RN, BSN, MS
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