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Mona Oyos

Mona Oyos
Sound Mind & Body
Of the thousands of patients, some have dubbed Mona the "Queen of Hearts" due to researching and obtaining diagnostic images of their hearts through echocardiography(sound waves of the heart).
Mona's path of compassionate living, healing and transformation began at age 9.
Throughout the years,she became certified and licensed in numerous modalities, so that others can leverage, prosper and grow in worth from her personal experience and education.
Mona's relationship with HeartMath and practice with the tools began in 1993. Since that time, she has been privileged to be a member of their scientific board, perform as a researcher and participate as a subject in their research - and be in their first licensing 1 on 1 provider class!
It is commonly known that the state of dis-ease begins with a stress response in the body.
Mona is passionate in working with individuals to learn and integrate the HeartMath tools, so that they can...IN THE MOMENT...stop the damage of stress to their heart and other bodily systems - leaving room for a more enriched, healthy life.
Mona looks forward to exploring how you can take control of the stressful times and effects in yours or your loved one's life.
You are entitled to a initial complimentary 15 minute phone consultation!
Call now: Sound Mind & Body/Mona at 831-440-9710. (Please, if you get a voice mail,leave your name,phone number and good times to reach you).
831-440-9710(O) 408-505-0632(C)
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