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Bernice Baca-Vigil

Bernice Baca-Vigil
If you have found your way to my profile, welcome, you have found a peaceful place.
If I asked you to point to yourself, where would you point?
Did you notice you pointed to your heart?
This is where our time together will be spend, returning to and maintaining life, your life, from the Heart.
Call (210) 885-6711 for a 30 minute complimentary call.


Dear Bernice,
What a beautiful gift! Working with you gave me a treasure-the experience of moving into my own heart realm, and realizing that I can live from that space in trust and safety. That it is beautiful, and deep, and rich, and potent. I knew that, but you helped me FEEL it, and what a difference that is!
Now I can let my heart shine. Thank you with all my heart, Bernice !
Love and Blessings,
T.S., Bulverde, TX
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