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Donna Daigle

Donna Daigle
Fiery Heart Solutions
An Intelligent Approach for Powerful Impact
Living from your heart and not intellectualizing things, is how to live a happy and successful life! When we over analyze everything, second guess ourselves, and try to impress people or "make things happen", that is a sure fire pathway right into impending doom - for your relationships, your business, your life! Being inauthentic to your own nature and design will always cause stress (cortisol release) on some part of who you are! It might be in your physical health by way of extra pounds or enzyme imbalance or gut bacteria run amok, or it could be in your emotions, being trapped by so much energy drain that you cannot even imagine moving forward. It might get your cognitive abilities, where you are operating straight from the primitive brain and have been feeding it so long, you've lost the ability to think reasonably (executive function). Or maybe it is in your spirit, that part of you that feels the connection with God, with nature, with the world. Maybe you have lost a sense of there being anything bigger than the problem you are facing right now! Each one of those perspectives puts your very life in jeopardy, eventually. Getting into a place of balance in your life is essential. I have so much passion for helping others find that balance!
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