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Debra Sheehan

Debra Sheehan
BodyMatters, Inc
Debra helps others compassionately find balance in their lives! She has worked in the Holistic Health field for over 27 years. Awakening the healing force in the body, the "heart" allows us to free up the energy blocked from past and present stresses that no longer serve us or the world in being all of who we are meant to be.
For me, the past impacted my present to the point that it closed my heart. I had built a fantastic wall around it, keeping safe or so I thought. However from what? Being Alive? Being more compassionate to myself and others? Barriers to the presence of love? I had no idea. Even though I was caring and kind, there was still a "No Trespass" sign on my heart. To the point that my physical heart developed a valve problem! My negative emotions were draining the very life out of me. It was my conditioning that was causing so much stress in my body....a toxic chemical cocktail that I drank daily and had no idea of the damage it was causing.

Then came HeartMath tools! As I applied all that I was learning, with deep sincerity, it became apparent to me that I was freeing myself of the tethers of the past. Gandhi has said "BE the Change You Want to See in the World". I was changing! People were noticing this change. Accessing this Power Center in the body daily, moment by moment when I noticed judgments, anxieties, worries, fears they seemed to dissipate easily, which allowed me to live more heart-fully, enjoying more each day the people and situations in my life.

Knowing that EVERYTHING is good came from my getting to know my heart. Perceptions changed, my brain changed, my hormones changed, my life changed and my heart healed!

Closing the heart is how energy gets stuck in us, it drains our vitality! Learning to keep the heart open is what allows us to be free. The HeartMath tools I found to be a step by step approach to not closing down. I learned how to "play" this instrument , the heart, very differently that would allow this energy to flow again.

This is great joy to share and support you in this work, using all my skills supporting YOU in applying this to your life in all the many relationships we encounter. It is my humble opinion. science has proven this, that we influence each other by our energy (thoughts/emotions). In consciously choosing ones of a higher frequency/vibration we actually are serving humanity to become more of what we can all be, more loving, present and happier the Truth of Who WE ARE.

Debra's clients come from diverse backgrounds. Many are business owners, school teachers, parents, counselors, nurses landscapers - all desiring to find release from pain, whether it is physical, mental or emotional pain. They are looking for another way - one that creates a healthier physiology, a more aware mind, less struggle, with more joy and an open heart.

The stress of both my past and present have been so much more managed with the tools! I am more grounded, centered and mindful. I live with less judgment and have a way to dispose of negativity and the effects these feelings have on my body. Thank you.
MS - Controller/Office Manager
AAY'S Rent-All Co., Inc.

The coaching taught me some very useful tools that I have been able to use in order to handle my stress in a very different, positive manner. I still have stress in my life. What changed was my ability to handle it. Through the HeartMath coaching, the thing that changed was me. I have the power within me to calmly find the solutions, and the peace that results!
Ellen J...Director of Marketing Interim Health Care.

The means of accessing inner resources stem from a state of coherence! The tools in our coaching sessions helped me find a resourceful state every time I needed it. The power of Debra's coaching lies in her ability to intuit the deepest aspects of a person's resourcefulness and deliver that to them in such a way as to illuminate their way on the path to peace.
M H, Hay & Associates

Back ground:
HeartMastery graduate, HeartMath coach, HeartMath resilient educator/trainer, Facilitator Matrix Leadership Institute, Hakomi Institute- body-centered psychotherapy and trauma resolution/sensorimotor, CMT, Craniosacral Therapist, Orhobionomy Therapist, Facilitator Course in Miracles, B.E.S.T,
574-674-6029 Cell: 574-292-4975
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