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Emily Kayaloglou

Emily Kayaloglou
Life Coach/Spiritual Consultant/Stress Management
As a Spiritual Consultant/Teacher and Life Coach I guide people to discover their true self and experience a healthy, fulfilling, joyful life.
In order to work with different issues I look at all levels of their existence: their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. I check their past lives, karma and energies that interfere into creating their dreams and live a peaceful life. I examine every facet of life such as their relationships, family, health, career and prosperity to uncover areas where they sabotage themselves, block their growth and eventually loose energy.
In my practice I use Coaching, Energy Healing and other modalities and work with the client together diligently to bring about the desirable results.
My passion and purpose in life is to help people love themselves, live in the moment and discover their true self.
Helping people create awareness, perspective for themselves and others, compassion, love and forgiveness gives me great joy and fulfillment. Unlocking these keys in our life manifests health, joy and fulfillment.
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