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Lori Bosteder

Lori Bosteder
Heart Brain Connection
"We can approach our inner world with openness and acceptance, rather than judgments and preconceptions." (Siegel) And that can make all the difference.
— Organization and Human Resource Education, Ed. M. - OSU
Core specialties: Learning and emotions, emotional intelligence - program development and training, and organization development and transformation.
— Business Management, BA. - NCU
— Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer
In 2006, while in graduate school, I embarked with a colleague developing a program and research study to teach emotional intelligence to women inmates. I knew just education about emotions wouldn’t create lasting change, especially in such a toxic emotional environment with such deeply wounded people. I had 10 weeks and 3 - 2 day workshops to help these 17 women.
As I searched the research, I stumbled on the Institute of HeartMath. HeartMath technology and practice of the techniques where the main methodology used to increase emotional intelligence. The results were stunning. Even in this environment HeartMath’s training was amazingly effective.
I have 30 years experience as a business owner, including two high stress family businesses, so I know that stress first hand. I am also an adjunct professor in a masters’ program at Oregon State University.
Among my clients are midwives, a nurse, CEO of a Pain Clinic, a college Administrator, a director of a national program, parents and children. I work together with a physical therapist and psycho therapist to help their clients with self regulation and to gain better understanding of their emotions/body interactions. I also love working with pregnant women and seeing the amazing benefit to the baby and mom by keeping coritsol levels low with HeartMath practice.
I work in person and over the phone with clients all over the west coast and as far away as Atlanta. Some people can learn these tools on their own, but many of us benefit greatly from coaching over a period of time. I found that for me and my clients it is what made the HeartMath techniques truly effective. Feel free to contact me with questions or just explore.
Lori Bosteder, Ed.M.
"Working with Lori has completely changed the atmosphere of our home. Lori, with compassion and enthusiasm, worked to teach my daughter and I better coping and communication skills through the HeartMath techniques. One of the best parenting decisions I've made." -Business Owner and Mother
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