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Carolyn Janson

Carolyn Janson
Janson & Associates
I wear many hats. Each connects to my passion for developing loving, fulfilled human beings, short and tall. It is my delight to help people see their magnificence and develop their talents and skills so that they can give their gifts in the world. Stress prevents people from living their best lives. With HeartMath tools, children and adults learn how to transform stress and create more ease and joy in their lives. Communication becomes clearer, relationships deepen.

HeartMath is at the center of my life and is core to my work as an educator and as a Resiliency Coach. I am a teacher and BTSA Coordinator in Berkeley Unified School District and a staff developer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also have a private practice as a Life Coach working with people who have chosen to live a heart-centered life.

In 2001, I completed my training with The Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, Ca and became a professional life coach. I use my coaching skills in all that I do...working with young people, parents, teachers, and clients.

My first introduction to HeartMath was through Howard Martin and his book, HeartMath Solution. Soon after, I became a Qualified Instructor for Resilient Educator and saw the difference HeartMath can make in the lives of beginning teachers. They discovered that stress was optional! In 2005, I began collaborating with the Institute of HeartMath on the creation of HeartSmarts, a new curriculum for 3rd-5th grade students. In my current position as a math coach, I have the opportunity to work with second and third grade teachers and students. I show them how to “get in sync” for learning. Math anxiety decreases and students become engaged in learning. Math is fun and performance improves.

In 2005, I became a 1 on 1 HeartMath Provider so that I could teach these skills to my coaching clients. I hold two advanced HeartMath certifications. I am qualified to teach the Cut Thru technique to my clients. In 2010, I become certified in Stop Emotional Eating Weight Loss program.

It is true; I am a woman with many hats, joyfully living my heart's desire….helping people connect to the wisdom of their heart and transform their lives. I look forward to the time when our paths cross.
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