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Arnie Allice

Arnie Allice
Benefit from heart-based coaching. Learn to embody the treasure trove of the rich, varied, and proven techniques to help halt stress in the moment. Release accumulated anxiety caused by stress, regardless of its sources.
I love having choices. Don’t you? We have the opportunity, almost moment to moment to be fully present to whatever arises, and to take our next steps, with full heart and discerning mind, that reflect self-love and compassion.

For those who trade-off a sense of calm and clarity for the old stress and anxiety routine, you put your authentic self out of your own reach.

Want to kick the stress habit? Halt stress in the moment? The HeartMath techniques have been a large part of my life for ~ seven years now.

I’ve learned that stress is a habit, and although some habits die hard, there are ways through and out of this debilitating default response. Whatever the scene; be it to challenging relationships, financial shortages, lifestyle decisions, health issues, aging, physical conditioning, career options, and to just about anything for that matter – it need not be so.

Albert Einstein’s quote on Insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Of course, most of us are not insane, but if knocking one’s head against the proverbial wall is the extent of our stress-response repertoire, wouldn’t a powerful and proven set of easy to learn and portable stress-management techniques hold attraction?!! And they are ‘joyful’ to boot!!

“The last of human freedoms - is the ability to choose one's attitude in a given set of ecircumstances”. Concentration camp survivor, author and Psychiatrist - Victor Frankl.

If you are ready to make an attitudinal shift to help create a calmer life for yourself, then I invite you to consider benefitting from heart-centered coaching, with me, through Calm Smarts for a heart-based life.

Say NO to mindless stress. Say YES to accessing and mastering a treasure trove of the rich, varied, and proven calming HeartMath® techniques – to help release accumulated anxiety caused by stress, regardless of its sources.

Arnie Allice, is a licensed HeartMath® Coach, a Cut-Thru® Provider, a trained Health & Wellness Coach, a Certified Yoga Teacher, a Stopping Emotional Eating (mindful eating awarness) coach, a (non-practicing) retired Registered Nurse and the founder of Calm Smarts™.
Central Canada
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