Organizational Workshops

Tested on five continents, HeartMath programs combine research-based tools and technology that produce significant, sustained improvements in stress levels, cognitive state, emotional well-being, performance and health. Workshop formats range depending on your objectives and group. Typical program would involve a six hour program over two days to both increase awareness and learn to apply HeartMath tools and technology. Participants practice with the emWave2® to see their coherence levels in real time and coach new responses for better outcomes. An alumni program provides valuable ongoing resources and messages to sustain the learning.

Personal and Professional Benefits

  1. Increased resilience – ability to prepare for, and recoup from challenge
  2. Stress reduction, with associated physiological improvements (e.g., blood pressure, muscle tension)
  3. Reduced fatigue and burnout
  4. Increased brain clarity, focus, attention span, accuracy and learning ability
  5. Improved decision‐making, (reduction of decision fatigue)
  6. Improved communication skills
  7. Improved work/life balance

Assessment Instrument

The Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA R4) is a normed and validated assessment tool designed by the Institute of HeartMath that measures physical stress symptoms, psychological health, resilience, emotional competencies, and organizational quality. Surveys are confidential and are sent directly to Institute of HeartMath for analysis. An aggregate analysis and group report is provided to the client.

Transforming Stress

Creating an Optimal Environment from the Inside Out

Most of us working in organizations today understand that the capacity to consistently perform at a high level is not based on technical skills, past successes, or experience. Sustained high performance is especially dependent on our ability to achieve personal balance and coherence in our own lives and to bring that sense of balanced effectiveness to customers, colleagues, partners, and the missions we serve. The relentless nature of work stress today, let alone the stresses in our personal lives, is perhaps the greatest barrier preventing us from attaining sustained high performance as well as personal health and well-being. The purpose of the Revitalizing Performance program is to enable participants to revitalize their power to perform at a consistently high level- without sacrificing personal balance, health or quality of life.

Each participant receives emWave® technology to observe and control real-time changes.

Key Content

Learning Outcomes

Transforming Teams

Prerequisite 1: Must have completed both parts of the Revitalizing Performance workshop
Prerequisite 2: Each participant must bring their own emWave2, charged up and ready for use during the workshop

Participants learn advanced coherence building skill set to build effective, resilient teams and improve organizational performance.

Topics include:

Additional Info:

This is a very interactive, dynamic workshop format. Participants will work in pairs and small groups to discuss topics, insights, action steps, etc.. Prior to the workshop, you will be asked to suggest “hot topics” to the HeartMath trainer, so that some of the new tools and exercises will center around some topics that are very current and meaningful to your staff. One of the outcomes will be that staff will experience the benefits of coherence in a team setting – heightened levels of clarity, creativity, and complete communications, even when the topic itself may be negative or especially challenging.

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