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case-study_r1_c1Case Studies The Impact of HeartMath’s Stress Reduction Programs and Technology on Health Outcomes HeartMath’s decades of research and case studies document rapid and sustained improvements in stress, health, well-being, performance and vitality. Published studies* and hundreds of client outcomes confirm the effectiveness in organizations around the world, making HeartMath the leader in stress reduction solutions. The HeartMath programs and technologies are a comprehensive, multidimensional solution designed to work independently or within existing wellness programs.

*Published in: American Journal of Cardiology The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine Journal of Stress Medicine

HeartMath Case Study Shows Lowered Health Care Costs at RCA, a New York City Employer Preventing disease has become a critical business issue as employers struggle with health costs. One cost-savings target is stress — well documented to increase the risk of disease.  The Reformed Church of America (RCA) reported significant savings in health care costs and employee satisfaction by implementing HeartMath’s research-based stress program. According to an independent actuarial report released in 2009 RCA’s medical claim costs for the HeartMath program participants was 13% lower than for those who did not take the program. RCA saved $585 per participant in the first year and has projected a 4:1 ROI in year two. Read more   The Impact of HeartMath’s Stress Reduction Programs and Technology The HeartMath Programs measurably and immediately re-train the human stress response to a healthier, more productive function and our Fortune 500 case studies substantiate the effectiveness of the program. This document highlights key health and performance outcomes in corporate, government and healthcare staff and patient populations. Read More ROI White Paper, May, 2009 HeartMath programs are geared to bring quick results, rapidly improve and sustain performance and produce a significant return on investment (ROI). Employers who sponsor HeartMath programs in the workplace have reported a significant drop in turnover rates, higher employee satisfaction, and greater productivity from HeartMath trained workers. Employers are also seeing a considerable increase in the company bottom line due to lower health care costs and less absenteeism.  Here, in a simple question and answer format, is how HeartMath programs improve the corporate bottom line and showed a significant return on investment. Read More

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