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Whether you need to scale across a dispersed multinational corporation, engage the workforce of a group of small to midsize businesses, or provide online options for a sprawling federal agency; you and your clients are made up of people, and understanding and helping people be their best is what we do best. You and your clients benefit from over 20 years of published research, positive experience and solid best practices.

As for ROI, our outcomes speak for themselves.

Learn more about our solutions:

1. HeartMath Certified Trainer Program 2. Resilience Advantage™ Workshop 3. Resilience Coaching


Healthcare Costs

Is your organization spending more than they need on health costs? Starbucks spends more money on healthcare than ……… Coffee

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Our Evidence-Based Programs include:

  • The latest findings on the physiology of stress, resilience and performance
  • A practical, proven tool‐set to respond coherently and effectively to complexity, pressure, emotional challenge and change.
  • HeartMath Inner Balance and emWave technologies – engaging, real-time monitoring and feedback technology.
  • Assessments – Normed and validated pre/post survey with aggregate report.
The [HeartMath] program has been tremendously helpful to me. … creating what I believe will be lifelong changes in how I respond to stressful situations. I am already experiencing better sleep, fewer frustrations at work, and a greater reservoir of patience and appreciation for the present moment. The EmWave2 is easy to use, and gives tangible evidence of progress in learning and practicing resilience-building skills.
Freya A. Sommer, Stanford University

What’s Unique about HeartMath

We spent 20 years researching the physiology of stress and resilience, and how people can self-manage their stress response in the moment. We have developed simple, practical, evidence-based tools, training and award-winning technologies that implement this skill set in the most cost effective ways. HeartMath has become the industry gold standard for stress and resilience solutions.

Key program Components

And at the Core of every HeartMath program and technology are 3 innovative principles with measurable outcomes:

1 Heart Rate Variability (HRV) —the naturally occurring beat-to-best changes in the heart rate. Well known that mental and emotional states directly affect the autonomic nervous system.
2Resilience – an individual’s ability to adapt to difficult experiences and rise above them.
3Coherence – a state where mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy are in alignment and a person is operating at full capacity.

We measure it, monitor it and teach it. You benefit!

.. it is great learning how to deal with my stress and reduce it to be more productive. I use it every night and I am sleeping great. ..I am very impressed with this program and I would recommend it to anyone.
Margaret Lawrence, Team Lead, Travelocity Business
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