The HeartMath Experience: Rise of the Human Spirit

The rise of the human spirit is in the air, along with high anxiety and insecurity from uncertainty created as our world goes through unprecedented changes. We are standing at the doorway of new and different life. We are creating it as we go through the individual and collective choices we are making. It is heart time on the planet.

Solutions to challenges and the intuition we need to make effective choices are within our hearts. New science and practical techniques are showing us how to access the heart’s intelligence and use it to create the future we want to see. As we bring heart and mind together and join in the spirit of cooperation, care and compassion with others we can lift the spirit of humanity, see it happening in real time as society evolves and feel it in the core of our selves.

Join us for the HeartMath Experience: Rise of the Human Spirit. An up-lifting and informative on-line, multimedia event.

Combining the highly popular HeartMath Experience movie and the five HeartMath techniques presented in it, with hands-on instruction, live Q/A, small group discussions and meditative experiences, Howard, the Executive Producer will take participants on an up-lifting journey to increase personal, social and global coherence.

Visually stunning content combined with personalized learningwill provide new insights and skills needed especially now during this unique and important time. Reserve your spot now!


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