Relationship Mastery

The great redwood trees surrounding Canyon Ranch Woodside have lived for more than 2,000 years, despite their shallow root systems. The key to their success can be found in their relationships – they thrive in groups where their roots can intertwine. Alone they may fall weak, but together they are a united force.

Join author, speaker and expert HeartMath® trainer Sheva Carr, LAC, and HeartMath Director of Health Partnerships and Senior Master Trainer Robert Browning, PhD (HC), for a deep dive into finding success in your social, professional, romantic and family relationships. Take in the tranquility of the forest while you discover new ways of being and becoming that yield a deepening connection to yourself and those around you.

This four-day retreat will start you on the path to creating success with the Relationship Formula: a basic structure of HeartMath tools assembled to guarantee to create more fulfillment in any relationship