Hidden Causes: The Fatigue & Autoimmunity Workshop

Discover root-cause approaches and practical steps to understand, address and relieve fatigue and autoimmune symptoms. This event will bring together the world’s most elevated experts to share the most recent and innovative solutions in testing and treatment. HeartMath Institute’s Dir. of Research, Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., will be discussing “The Importance of Self-Regulation and Energy Management in Improving Health Outcomes” with hosts, Drs. Evan Hirsch, and Tom O’Bryan. In addition, you will hear from Christine Schaffner, Terry Wahls, Joe Rignola and a host of other experts sharing their insights and best practices. Learn the process to finding and addressing each of the causes of your fatigue and autoimmunity so you can live your life to its fullest.
To register, http://hiddencauses.byhealthmeans.com/?idev_id=28225