HeartMath Connected Community Call

On our next HeartMath Connected Community call we’ll Engage in a lively, collaborative discussion where we’ll crowdsource the wisdom of our certified community tapping into the creative and successful ways to share HeartMath and the gift of coherence with those we serve.

This will be an active participation call, you’ll also have a chance to hear successes and bring your questions and challenges to tap into the deep intelligence of our connected community.

In addition, Steve will help facilitate the following:

  • Heart Lock-In session together
  • Engage a lively collaborative learning experience on sharing HeartMath with others
  • Open Q&A session on how to effectively communicate and introduce coherence
  • Closing comments and appreciations

If you can’t make this month’s call, remember that each call is recorded and available in the resource center / learning center, so you can listen to it at your convenience.