Certified Professionals Call: Rise of the Human Spirit

Date: Saturday, January 15 at 11 am PT / 7 pm UTC

We look forward to starting the new year together, connecting and hearing from our incredible Certified Professionals community. Our personal practice of living from the heart is an essential key in effectively navigating diverse world views in both business and personal relationships.

Mark Your Calendar for Our Next Call:

Join us Saturday, January 15 at 11am PT / 7 pm UTC

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We invite you to come together to connect and support each other as a certified community during this time of emerging potential for humanity.

Be sure that you are signed up for notifications as a certified professional to receive the registration link. You may also contact our support team at [email protected]math.com.

If you can’t make this month’s call, remember that each call is recorded and available in the Resource Center/Learning Center so you can listen to it at your convenience.

We look forward to seeing you there with the certified professional Family!