Celebration of the Heart 2020

Go deeper into the heart of who you truly are, improve your life and help change the world.

At the second annual Celebration of the Heart you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the power of the heart and connect with it like you never did before. Join us and others from around Europe for a transformational, uplifting weekend.

Your heart at a biological level is communicating with your brain and body. Once understood you can tap into this heart/brain/body communication and use it to shift depleting emotions into renewing ones and to manage the stress and overload many people are experiencing. At this event you will learn and practice scientifically validated heart coherence techniques to strengthen your health, your mind, your intuition and your happiness.

Global Coherence
We will take the next big step towards creating more global coherence to help usher in a more cooperative, harmonious and compassionate world. You’ll discover and feel the impact of our individual and collective intentions.

Also for HeartMath Professionals
The event is also an ideal opportunity for HeartMath trained professionals to connect with other colleagues and strengthen the bonding of the European community of HeartMath trained professionals. Being familiar with the tools and techniques you are invited to assist participants who are new to HeartMath when needed and to help building the field that inspires and heals the people around you.

Event Details

Dates: May 8-10, 2020
Location: Kurhaus, Dietenbacher Straße 22, Kirchzarten, Germany
Cost: € 390. (HeartMath trained professionals: € 320). Register before April 1, 2020 and receive a FREE Inner Balance trainer.
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Event organized by HeartMath Germany & HeartMath Benelux