Add Heart to Help Raise the Planetary Vibration

January 19th 2021 at 11am PST

Most of us have experienced being near someone whose energetic vibration or presence helped us feel more comfortable and at ease. Now, research is helping to explain how our vibrational energies, especially our moods and emotions affect others, as well as this discovery’s implications for humanity.

MDuring this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, when virtual meetings and physical distancing are expressions of care, new research is indicating how we can energetically support and lift each other’s vibrations and the planetary vibration even though we are apart.

MJoin Deborah Rozman and her guest, HeartMath Institute Director of Research Rollin McCraty, PhD, who will discuss exciting research findings on how heart-to-heart synchronization can occur between people located miles apart and without phone or online contact. They will also discuss new findings on how our heart’s rhythms can synchronize with the resonant frequencies in the Earth’s magnetic fields. One implication of this interconnectivity research is that synchronized heart energy can potentially help raise the planetary vibration and lift human consciousness.

MRollin McCraty will also talk about how collective heart-focused intention (such as we may hellp create in these Add Heart Calls) might foster a reservoir of coherent heart energy that can redirect planetary consciousness toward harmonious solutions.

MWe will close with a heart-focused meditation to energize our intentions to add more heart to increase our personal and social coherence, and help raise the planetary vibration.

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