Add Heart Podcast: Resilience – The Power to Recharge and Reconnect to Our Heart Values

Our guest, James O’Dea, is talking about resilience – a word many of us associate with strength, adaptability, and toughness.

James believes that resilience isn’t only the ability to bounce back after a significant life disrupter or a stressful time. He sees resilience as an energy we can build in our system that is key to both personal growth and to humanity’s collective healing.

Resilience is a reflection of our highest heart values and the power to recharge and reconnect with these values, such as care, compassion, kindness and generosity, even in the face of disruption and challenges.

In this episode James and host Deborah Rozman, talk about important qualities of resilience. James shares about witnessing the personification of resilience in people with a tremendous courage to uphold their heart values in the face of civil upheaval, war, and other challenging circumstances.