Add Heart® Call- Soften the Energetic Environment

Our Add Heart® Call host, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., HeartMath® President and CEO, along with her guest Owen Ward, HeartMath Chief Strategy Officer, will talk about a “softener energetic” and how we can access it to help us find more flexibility and ease through whatever life presents.

Many people find while walking on the beach or in the woods or looking at flowers that they are softening the energetic field within themselves, and then many things start to become clear. They access more effective discernment for their next steps.

Deborah and Owen will also talk about what it means to soften the energetic environment within and around us—making it easier for others to access their hearts and experience increased clarity and discernment and a deeper connection.

As a business executive and parent of two young boys, Owen will share how adding a softener energy helped him better handle business complexities. In addition, through the COVID-19 restriction period of the past year, like millions of other parents, Owen had to balance work with children at home as well as their homeschooling. He’ll share how the softener energy helped him and his family during times of frustration and anxiety.

Deborah will share how broadcasting or radiating love is one of quickest ways to soften the energetic environment to improve relationships, reduce mechanical reactions and habits, and have more ease when dealing with health and other personal issues. She will also share how adding a softener helps her and others release themselves from the planetary stress and anxiety waves that many people feel when chaotic events occur around the planet.

We will close with a heart-focused meditation to add heart to softening our personal energetic environment and the global energetic field environment. We will also build a reservoir of soft heart energy we can each access as needed during the next month.