Smartphone application provides insurance info at the touch of a finger

Smartphone application provides insurance info at the touch of a fingerXerox Company's Buck Consultants have developed two iPhone applications that will help workers access their employee health benefits information using their smartphones.

Benefits Genie Lite allows users to enter information regarding their personal health and insurance benefits into their iPhones so that it can be easily accessed at any time. The application includes fields for individuals to keep track of their known allergies, medications, up-to-date vaccination information and health screenings. Additionally, users can keep track of doctor's appointments – including reminders of future trips – and find out what their co-pays and deductibles are.

The more complex Benefits Genie does everything that its Lite counterpart does, plus more. It allows users to share and receive information from family, trusted friends and healthcare providers. It also includes a dictionary of benefit terminology, health quizzes and recipes to promote wellness.

“Individuals walk into medical facilities everyday without knowing basic information about their insurance coverage,” said Donald Sanford, principal at Buck Consultants. “This application not only puts benefit information at an individual’s fingertips. In an emergency, it can even save a life.”

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