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Top 10 List for Travel Ease

Travel TipsWhether it’s a business appointment or the most blissful paradise vacation; the bottom line is traveling has its own kinds of stress. From long lines, to forgotten ID’s, lost baggage, flight cancelations, bad weather, drained cell phones, etc. – it can all be pretty overwhelming and test our patience. If you’re planning to do any traveling, for work or play, don’t miss our Top 10 List for Travel Ease tele-seminar. Discover the very best tools to help you create a wonderful travel experience. Two of our most seasoned travelers, Howard Martin and Catherine Calarco, present how to create travel ease. They share their insights on how to prepare for a trip; how they handle unavoidable stressors associated with travel; and their personal best practices are for achieving increased inner balance while traveling.

Top 10 List for Travel Ease

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