HeartMath Announces “Brain Fitness Program” Book

Now who’s boss? Science shows the heart can actually sharpen the mind

HeartMath’s Brain Fitness Program gets hearts and minds in synch for optimal performance BOULDER CREEK, CA – February 1, 2013 – HeartMath LLC® announced today the release of a new book titled, HeartMath’s Brain Fitness Program; Connecting Heart and Mind for Optimal Performance. The book provides a unique look at the partnership between the heart and brain and outlines a program for keeping your brain fit. Emotional stress, the strains of modern life and aging all can hasten cognitive decline – memory, focus and concentration are especially vulnerable. Millions of people have concerns around brain fitness as they witness others go through cognitive challenges. To guard against mental decline, science actually points to the heart as a way to care for your brain, improve mental functions and develop brainpower. HeartMath’s Brain Fitness Program delivers captivating and uncommonly known discoveries about the unique heart and brain connection. HeartMath has researched the heart-brain connection for more than two decades. Their work has played an important role in today’s new understandings of the heart and how it actually can help to facilitate optimal brain fitness. HeartMath was listed as one of the Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2013 in a new market trends report by SharpBrains. The new HeartMath Brain Fitness Program book explores the heart’s role in shaping and controlling our emotions and communicating with the brain. The amazing health benefits of positive emotions have been published more often in recent years, yet the notion that heart power can actually increase brain power is very new to most people. The heart is no longer viewed by scientists as just a lump of muscle with its sole purpose being to pump blood; rather it plays an important role in directing and communicating with the brain. Scientists at the HeartMath research center say that neuro-cardiologists discovered that the heart has its own “little brain” with elaborate circuitry and neurons that enable it to learn, remember and even feel and sense and act independently of the cranial brain. Several methods developed by HeartMath are delivered in the book facilitating the reader with techniques designed to effectively utilize and strengthen the heart-brain connection. The program helps readers regulate emotions, mood, and attention. The techniques help readers achieve what is called ‘heart coherence’ essentially an optimal state of balance where the heart, brain and nervous system are operating at a higher level of synchronization. In the heart coherent state we experience enhanced cognitive function, increased intuition and clarity and a deeper sense of calm. The program goes into detailed instructions for five HeartMath techniques; the HeartMath Brain Fitness Five-Step Program, an action plan and worksheets are all part of this comprehensive book. The book also provides instruction on how to use heart rate variability (HRV) feedback with the techniques. Achieving heart coherence can be anyone’s game using the HRV monitoring and training. In early 2013 HeartMath released a new training and monitoring app called Inner BalanceTM which is available on iTunes. In addition to the app, the company’s emWave® technologies come as a desktop program called emWavePro with HRV sensor or as the emWave2 – a small portable device with a built in sensor and an external ear-clip sensor. This little mobile emWave can also synch to one’s personal computer. HeartMath’s emWave Desktop was named one of the Top 5 Brain Trainers by SharpBrains. The mobile emWave has won numerous awards including the award for Distinction and Innovation from the American Institute of Stress. These award-winning technologies condense what would otherwise be very complex sciences (heart rate variability and heart coherence) into fun lifestyle consumer products. Users do not need to understand the science to benefit from the technologies. More than 15,000 health professional use and recommend the products to patients due their straightforward, user-friendly nature. The process is rewarding as the HRV feedback is real-time, so users can see when they are shifting their heart rhythms into a coherent heart pattern that will benefit their brain. The iOS based Inner Balance app provides coaching cues to help users adjust breathing and focus and to get a solid sense of what it ‘feels’ like to shift to a coherent heart state. The HeartMath Brain Fitness Program is designed to use with HeartMath Inner Balance and emWave technologies, and developers of the program say that the techniques can also stand alone. However, they encourage use of the technologies as individuals are learning how to redirect mind focus to heart focus. Real-time feedback is an incredibly valuable tool that can significantly accelerate the learning process. Changing emotional patterns such as stress, anger, frustration, anxiety, etc., requires a power stronger than the mind to reshape old perceptions and override emotional patterns. “As the brain and nervous system synchronize with the heart,” says Dr. Rollin McCraty, director of HeartMath’s Research Center, “we can achieve a coherent heart rhythm pattern, create and establish a new baseline and rewire the old neural circuits with new emotional responses that can enhance our mental functioning.” Dr. Daniel Amen, who penned the forward for HeartMath’s Brain Fitness Program, has worked with tens of thousands of people helping them optimize brain functioning and the brain’s limbic system. Executive director of the Mindsight Institute, Dr. Daniel Siegel, wrote the book’s introduction and has an extensive background in Interpersonal Neurobiology. Both lend their views on the heart-brain connection as well as providing expert perspectives on HeartMath’s Brain Fitness approach. Learning to elicit the power of one’s heart to power up the brain is obtainable with HeartMath’s Brain Fitness Program. This wonderful research-based work lays out a practical and simple method for using HeartMath techniques and technology to improve and sustain your cognitive abilities throughout your life.

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